Friday, April 10, 2009


This is my first time to make a wishlist on my upcoming birthday on the 30th, thought it’s just a little bit selfish and materialistic for a person to make a list of his/her desired gifts. Anyway, I’ll try to be less selfish and materialistic in making this list. So here it goes.

1. John Grisham’s new book ‘The Associate’. Don’t have money to buy the hard cover which is the only one available in the market I suppose ‘coz until now haven’t found a paperback.
2. A party with the less fortunate kids like the one I had on my 24th birthday last April 2007.
3. An Eraserheads T-shirt
4. A Kurt Cobain T-Shirt
5. A DVD set of Stephen King Film Adaptations
6. A DVD set of Al Pacino’s movies
7. A DVD set of James Bond movies
8. A DVD set of John Grisham Film Adaptations
9. A DVD set of Edward Norton films
10. A DVD set of season 6-8 of The Practice
11. A DVD set of all seasons of How I met your mother
12. A new mail-man bag (preferably an Esprit- If anyone could drop by Alabang Town Center I saw one there)
13. A planner
14. A hoody jacket
15. A new pair of sandals
16. The latest Maxim, FHM and Manual Mag
17. Any book by Chuck Palahniuk (preferably, Choke, Stranger than fiction, Diary or Fight Club)
18. Any Haruki Murakami book (Preferably Norwegian Wood)

I guess this is it. If I happened to miss any I’ll just update this post! See, I told you I won’t be selfish and materialistic. To put it in the vernacular, ‘Medyo mababaw naman ang kaligayahan ko minsan!’ Hehe!!!

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