Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know a man

I know a man. I know him more than he knows himself.

He tries to keep up to himself without knowing someone is watching his every move.
He walks with his shades on or if not he walks fast, without looking in any of the opposite directions, just straight to where he is going, even if sometimes he doesn't really have any specific route.

He hardly talk. He doesn't want to start a conversation. On any given day, he either talks only to a cab driver or to the waiter of a restaurant he always go to.

His days are monotonous. As early as 5:00AM he is up. He doesn't want to miss the chance to look at the sun gazing at him in his window, as if greeting him a good morning.

Taking up shower for 15 minutes is a routine. He shaves his face, puts on gel and combs his hair. He puts on his favorite white long-sleeves shirt. Tucked it in his black pants. Tied the knot and put on his coat. Lastly, he sprayed on him his favorite cologne. He always made sure that everything is perfect. He wanted to look good, and feel good. He doesn't take chances, that he might bumped into someone he has been waiting for a long time now.

At around 7:00 AM, he is ready to stroll in the streets again. He went and locked the door and started to walk. He felt the breeze of the morning air in his face, the weather is so inviting that he can't stop walking. He bumped into a lot of people, talking about politics, society, movie stars, music, school and everything else. He may not talk but he hears everything. All information are piled up in his brain that he can't figure out how to let it all out.

He decided to stop by his favorite restaurant and ordered steak. It was 12:00 Noon, the restaurant is full. Every customer is comfortably chatting in every corner of the restaurant that every word he hears seemed to be murmurs. He didn't finish his lunch. He started walking again. At around 3PM, the sky went cloudy and suddenly tiny drops of rain fell on his cheek. He continued walking. A few minutes after, the rain continued to pour and he just find himself soaking wet. He stopped by a waiting shed and decided to wait for the rain to stop.

It was almost 6PM, but the rain won't stop. He thought, he is running out of time, and so he continued walking. As always, he walked with all his head straight up. Ignoring everyone he sees at the sides of his eyes staring at him and seemed to be talking about him. He continued walking, despite all the whispers in his ears saying how stupid he is.

The rain finally stopped and his day is almost over. A few minutes left and the clock ticks to 11PM. He got one hour left before home. He wants to continue walking but he felt his feet are tired and need some rest. He saw a bench and sat on it. He felt his heart beat is faster than normal. He started gasping for air. He breathe, and breathe, until his eyes slowly closed.

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