Thursday, April 23, 2009

Numerology/Tarot Reading online

I found a Numerology/Tarot reading on the net. Thought I'd try, and here's the result:

Tarot Card
(Equivalent of "4/30/1983")

The Hermit: Withdrawal from events and relationship to introspect and gather strength. Seeking the inner voice or calling upon vision from within. A need of understanding and advice, or a wise man who will offer knowing guidance. Personal experience and thoughtful temperance.

(Equivalent of "Homer xxx")

Perth is the rune of chance and gambling. Throw the dice, read your fate. Gaming is a fine way to pass the long as one is careful. Games of chance have outcomes that are hidden from us, and as such Perth represents secrets unknown. Perth symbolizes enjoyment and wild abandon, but be watchful, for Perth is also the rune of mystery and the outcomes unexpected. You cannot lose if you do not play, but neither can you win...

Birth Mates
(Equivalents of "4/30/1983")

Adriana Lima, Alanis Morissette, Calvin Klein, Christopher Lee, Clyde Barrow, David Letterman, Doc Holliday, Eminem, George Clooney, H. P. Lovecraft, Henry Ford, Hugh Jackman, Jack Nicholson, Jerry Lewis, Jim Morrison, Karl Marx, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Moore, Michael York, Natalie Imbruglia, Niccolo Machiavelli, Nicolas Cage, Nikola Tesla, Noah Wyle, Rachel Weisz, Ringo Starr, Sammy Davis Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Connery, Shakira, Shaquille O'Neal, Sophia Loren, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise

Public Role
(Equivalents of "Homer xxx")

Words that embody your presence are "Frontier, Harlequin, Internet, Solitude".

Words that embody people or things in your periphery are "Abandon, Battle, Canvas, Castle, Chronology, Communication, Conquest, Conspiracy, Demon, Desire, Diamond, Domination, Executive, Falcon, Feline, Forge, History, Holy, Inside, Isolation, Libido, Limbo, Mars, Metal, Orange, Order, Purgatory, Silk, Soft, Spy, Teacher, Urge, Wave, Wine, Word".

Private Persona
(Equivalents of "Homer")

Words that embody your presence are "Blues, Dragon, Finger, Island, Joker, Rook, Scream, Shackle, Slave, Tiger".

Words that embody the people or things that you interact with are "Ancestor, Grotto, Halloween, Martyr, Mustang, Neptune, Unholy, Virtue".

Words that embody things that you may be a part of are "Constellation".

Words that embody people or things in your periphery are "Civilization, Entertainment, Illumination".

Try It! Here's the link.

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