Thursday, November 24, 2005

Law School.. Here I come...

November 23, 2005 Post


Early am I went to Welcome Rotonda to get a copy of the UP LAE (Law Aptitude Exam) with someone I hardly know. I just e-mailed her kasi I read in a forum of Filipino Law students that she has a copy of the UP LAE, well although di naman ako kukuha ng UP LAE, I might be able to benefit from it din naman,who knows baka mapadpad din ako one day sa UP Law Center.. Pero siguro magamit ko din yung reviewer na yun since Im planning din naman to take up law next year, of course di sa UP since next week na LAE nila, and ayoko ng masyadong malayo and of course dadaan ka muna sa mahirap na LAE and interview, and talagang demanding talaga ang study of law dun..I've checked out sa UST kanina, pero di pa pala sila nag-eentertain ng inquiries, medyo nakaka-badtrip kasi sayang yung time ko pero ok lang.. My mom told me sa Ateneo na lang daw, well Im thinking about it, but since sa Rockwell Drive siya located and no other PUVs except taxis are traveling in the area, I might have our car with me, but I think its not advisable for me, since the gasoline rates are increasing. Another thing is mahirap ang magtravel talaga, so pagdating ko house sa muntinlupa pagod na, hirap na nun mag-aral, e ayoko naman mag-dorm or apartment or condo, di ko kaya magasikaso ng things ko.. Well I've talked to a friend who happened to experience somewhat the same things that I am telling and she really is very much diappointed with the outcome.. I am considering right now San Beda Alabang which is quite near in our domicile. I believe, ok naman sa Beda ang quality ng law education, although the acad program is new to the school. I believe it's in the students perseverance and passion naman that would determine his success, well of course it's inevitable din naman that quality education should enter the scene, but it's just a catalyst, the main ingredient really is as I've said passion.. Well hopefully, I'll make up my mind on the school Im gonna be enrolling at, I just have to check the deadlines of application so my choice would be on schedule..

Sunday, May 1, 2005

About the Author

First things, first. A little introduction for you guys.

The name is HOMER. Born in Manila. Raised in Calamba City, Laguna. And now back in the Metro, here at Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

I'm a pretty easygoing guy, yet highly ambitious in my own way. I'd like to think I'm laid-back and I like doing whatever makes me happy on any given day.

I love to have a good time, and having a good time rolls hand in hand with laughing.

I enjoy the company of cool and awesome people who don’t even have to try being one. People who think for themselves fascinate me, those who like what they like, simply because they like it, not because they were told to like it and they conformed, or because they were told to hate it and rebelled. If you are not in either of those two categories it doesn't mean I don't like you. It just means I don't want to deal with you and being an asshole will push you away from me sooner.

I'm a person who enjoys life in general and especially some of the deeper and more beautifully obscure things. I'm a timeless rocker and a hardcore nerd.

I am slow to anger, as I take most things in stride, but once I do get mad- Watch out world!

The specifics of who I am you can learn through friendship, not here, because I have way too much personality for it to ever be put into words.

Thanks to you and hope to hear from you soon! Cheers to my new home at blogspot!

*Ante-dated post so it would appear as my very first post, which is more logical since this is an introduction. But this post was actually written in April 2007

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