Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hay.. the field of law!

Hmm.. I've been busy for quite sometime because of law school, which is really getting tougher and tougher as days go by, but so far so good, yet I still want to vent out which I often do as you know, when something's bugging me. Well, it has long been my problem when I entered the system, which is law school. I wonder if ever the connotation that the law profession is so dirty would leave my senses, when in fact, even if you're still in law school you experience some dirty tactics of your fellow students, moreso if they are your close friends and they offer you to take their materials. It's like you're being pushed to use a prohibited drug which later on would make you addicted and cannot live without it.

I am not certain whether the things on my mind could be considered dirty tactics in order to pass one's subjects but somewhat I feel that there is injustice going on. I really admire those classmates of mine who really settle for what is fair and just for their fellow students. I do try as much as possible not to be singled-out by the system but it is really tempting, because it's a sure way for a passing mark, but with the sense of idealism I have I really feel so disgusted when I see those 'dirty harry's.

I must admit, I had my share of those 'dirty harry' things, and I feel bad about it. It only shows that I, too have been maligned by the system. There's this struggle going on right now in my mind, thoughts are flowing in and out. Thoughts which provoke my inner senses either to fight the system, to live up with the system and shut my mouth or join those dirty harry's. It's hard to choose, even choosing the lesser evil makes you wonder whether it would give you good results.

Hay.. the field of law!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I've been encountering a lot of eerie things in the past months. I don't want to believe that I am gaining ESP(Extra-Sensory Perception) but from the following events I kind of thinking that I might be developing some ESP.

First Instance.
Mari, Nil and I are about to meet Jamie and I have a hunch that Jamie's wearing red and yes he was wearing red when he arrived in our meeting place.

Second Instance. Mari, Nil and I are going to Carmona, Cavite to attend the wake of Bujick's mom, while we are on our way, a thought comes on my mind that Bujick is taking a bath, and I was right. When we arrived at their house, she was actually taking a bath so we waited a little bit for her.

Third Instance. When I got home, I went to my room immediately and put the dream catcher Mike gave me at the top of the tv cabinet. And guess what I really had a dream, and it was about a former classmate in elementary and she was my dance partner. And you won't believe this, when I opened my friendster account the following morning, she has a friend request to me. Gee! I haven't heard of her for years now. Well she has a family of her own now.

Fourth Instance. Something which happened in less than 24 hours, we had a car accident. Actually, I was in the backseat at that time, and while playing textwist and texting a thought comes on my mind that we are going to bump into another vehicle and guess what our car bumped a gasoline tanker! Gee! Good for us that there was only a slight damage on the hood of our car!

I know there are a lot of petty hunches I have experienced which actually turned into reality but sometimes I don't want to entertain them and blurt it out with my friends with the thought that I might be wrong or they might feel eerie about it. Hehe!

So, whether what I am experiencing right now is ESP or coincidence, you decide 'coz I am not quite absolute about it either! But don't worry if ever I get certain about it I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Try this test!

This is funny! haha!!

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Project Proud Filipino now has a video! and I'm grateful I'm featured in it!

Here's the video!

Just one of those awkward scenes

You really feel awkward when people, especially your closest friends you're with talk about some other people you hate, and these people you're with are not that showing the same hatred you have. Sometimes it is unavoidable and so you really have to stay calm and appear you're not bothered. So sometimes whether you like it or not, you have to join the discussion. This I felt, just less than 24 hours ago. I can't stand hearing some people's stories about this person I really hated because of some things that happened between us and I think with others as well. Things which really irritated my senses to the point that I don't want to see this person's face anymore. I know this person knows that I don't like (his/her) company or if not, I know (he/she) has some clue about it, but I'm willing to sacrifice once in a while to not to stay 'true' to myself, (me not liking him/her), just for the sake of other people quite dear to me. Enough of those devilish thoughts that I am going to make this person's life miserable when I'm around.

Well, I just realized I shouldn't be bothered that much because I'm the one who's going to lose big time! So that's it, enough about this crappy post..

What a way to start the sem!

June 2. Scheduled to meet Nil, Mari, Ivan and Mike at 9AM at school to see if there are available schedules already. But upon knowing that Nil and Mari is still at San Pedro, I chilled for a while at Starbucks in Madrigal. After a while they arrived, and we drop Mari's yaya and her family in SM Southmall, then we picked up Mike in his apartment. We headed to school where we find Ivan who's waiting for quite sometime, and finding out that there's still no schedule available! Hmmp!

Nil, Mike and me went to the library and stayed there for a while. When the library's about to close we went to have lunch at SM and afterwhich we decided to go to the St. jude Church in Mendiola. We shopped at greenhills shoppesville and then had dinnner at tiendesitas!

It was truly fun day for us, well just seeing each other and just having the time to talk about just about anything and fool around and laugh our asses out make me feel so alive! Well, aside from the fact that I can't feel any tension between me and Mike.

What a way to start the sem! :)


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