Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Moving Out.. Moving On..

Being out of the house for more than 24 hours was somewhat ok naman pala! Lalo na if kakatapos lang ng sem and I really need to relax!

Thanks to Mike's place and accommodation.. Pero todo ang haba ng sleep ko, kahit after namin mag-Brunch and while wathing "Transformers'(at last di nako loser!),e i still manage to have a nap! Kasi ba naman an lamig ng panahon so kakaantok talaga! Anyway, buti na lang the rain finally give us a chance to go out! So ayus! Nakapag-town center kami and thank God nakahanap na din si Mike ng clinic to have his sinus checked-up. Anyway after dinner, we headed home! And whoala! diba problema na naman! Naman kasi eh.. But yet I think that problem paved the way na talaga for me to move out of the house.. Ang hirap na din kasi na di ako makapag-concentrate sa studies ko, e for the future na itong kinakareer ko! :) Kaya eto sana matuloy, and maka-pag move out na ko and I'll try to experience na living independently.. Sana lang talaga mag-work out! Para hawak ko na oras ko!

Just a thought..

"Move on dude!, You entered that life you have right now because you want it.. Stick with it if you want to survive! Sometimes you have to realize that things dont go the way you want it, sometimes its hard to accept that things dont go the way you want it, sometimes its hard to accept that things aren't supposed to be the way you want it to be.. Another thing you'll realize that there are people with whom you have shared a lot yet turn out to leave you or who will not compensate what you have done to them.. It really is hard to accept that but you have to live with it if you want to survive and go on with what you are working on for your future.. It's easy to trust people but its difficult to nurture and maintain that trust.."

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sembreak Na!

Hay! Officially sembreak na! Haha! I really need a vacation, hopefully matuloy sa baguio! Sana wala ako pa din ako ibagsak this sem and my friends as well.. Have to maximize my time this sembreak! kailangan makapag-online game ako!, visit relatives and todo gimik if ever! haha!

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