Saturday, April 4, 2009

Outta time

Seeing Oasis’ MTV of their song ‘Outta Time’ makes me wanna own an owl! I don’t know I thought there’s something strange about owls. I just love their big eyes and their feathers are very much different from the other species of their kind. As weird as it may sound I feel that I see myself as an owl in my past life. Aside from the fact that they’re nocturnal, the mystery and their eccentricity is truly me.

Anyway, enough of Owls, I’ll make some research on them and post it here in the next entry. I am a little bit struck by the title of Oasis’ new song which is “Outta time”(well if you don’t know yet their back with a new album Dig out your soul! Kudos to you guys!). I somehow felt I am out of time. Slowly, I can feel that there are a lot of things I should have done now which I happened to either forget about doing or was just lazy. There are some things which I know I should have done so long. Things which I have subconsciously ignored for quite a long time.

It pains me when I think of things that I should have done and stood up for long before. It gives me a hard time accepting the fact that I am really running out of time. Sometimes I even thought of death. In fact I even have a draft post on the subject. I fear death I must admit. Death totally extinguishes everything. It totally stops the clock ticking for you. It bars you from doing everything you’ve started and aimed at accomplishing. During the times when I feel the pain and I just cannot do anything but to curse the fucking pain, flashbacks of all the memories just come in and out of my mind. Thoughts of remorse, regrets. Thoughts of all the things I wanted to do and up to now are still unaccomplished.

I know I’m running out of time. I want to take the steps right now, but there are a lot hindrances. I am not even sure if its worth taking the steps. Haay.. if only I could stop the clock from ticking..

By the way, Oasis is in Hongkong on the 7th of April, I want to go!!!, but I can’t, fuck! I’m broke!!

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