Sunday, March 11, 2012


My Criminal Law Professor during my Law School graduation last year in his speech told us that the commencement exercises is just a confirmation that we are well prepared to take the bar examinations and that we can already include the word ATTY to our names, we just have to earn the PERIOD to it by hurdling the bar exams.

And FINALLY, after 7 months of stressful bar review, 1 month of bar examinations, and 3 months agony of waiting for the result. I've finally earned my PERIOD to my ATTY!

To God I am so much grateful and to my family and friends who stood by me during my law school years, the bar review and the bar examinations, you were really amazing!

To my blogger friends here who still visit this site despite the very long hiatus thanks you for the inspiring posts and comments.

-- Atty. Homer


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