Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally got the time!

Yey! Thanks for my pending downloads, I can write a new post! So what have happened to me the past few weeks.

-- Nakita ko na si Bamboo in person wahaha!, he just moved in with his wife who's pregnant in our village, and malapit lang sila sa house namin! now that's cool right!
-- Hay, haven't got a performance level recitation yet in my civil procedure, well I expected to have one in my class today, but what do you know, I was asked a case which I didn't expect to be asked. Well it all boils down to being lucky in the questions thrown at you, 'coz I know the answers to the questions being asked to my other classmates. Tsk! Tsk!
-- I'm quite appalled about hearing that, one of my closest friends said, that 'I wished that I was wrong in my answers to my recit', he actually was referring to me. Well, just took it as a joke, just not to cause some dead air. Anyway, I'm not anymore concerned with people wishing that something undesirable happen to you, it's a normal occurrence and I do sometimes do that! So patas lang!
-- Hay, junior law school is really tough!, good thing I can still laugh out loud! haha!!

So long for now, my downloads are completed already! And gee its 1AM already still have to study for Wills and Succession! tsk!tsk! :)

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