Friday, February 1, 2008

Can't keep it all together

Well a lot of changes are happening lately.. Unexpected? I don't think so!

First of all, not so long ago did I talk to a friend about it, and here it is now happening. Maybe one should better be careful what he wishes for, for it may happen and he might not really like it when it's right in front of his face.

What's up with me? 4 days of not attending my classes and then I prefer watching movies at the cinema! What a way to relax after the midterms! Well I think I'm getting so much of it. But to compensate for my absences I do read the topics assigned when I have coffee.

So what did I mean when I said, I can't keep it all together, hmmm.. I meant that I am actually in the midst of falling apart and I just don't know how to make myself whole again after all the changes happening. Maybe I am not just ready to face them.. But I have to deal with it, sooner or later!! And I know everything's gonna be alright!!

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