Friday, April 17, 2009

Sir Failon's Tragedy

I was appalled by hearing the news about the tragedy which Ted Failon has to face right now. I am a fan of him and his show Tambalang Failon and Sanchez (Tambalang F & S), and who would have not recognized the voice of the ever popular news show on TV during the 90’s, “Hoy Gising”.

No one knows what exactly happened that fateful day when Ted Failon’s wife (Trinidad) was found with a gun shot wound on her head in their own home. A lot of rumors spread out in just a matter of time. Rumors such as, Ted fired the gun at his own wife during a fight. Some say it is plain suicide. The fact of the matter has yet to be proven and everything is in the hands of the investigators and the police.

With all due respect to the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD), finding out that they have singled out and picked up some of the relatives and household members of the Failon’s truly shows how incompetent and maligned the police is in our country. Causing the arrest of these people without a warrant invoking that they have violated PD 1829 or the Law on Obstruction of Justice, is truly reprehensible. The police officers say that a crime has just been committed, hence in flagrante delicto and a warrant need not have been issued. What the fuck!, these police officers should review their criminal law or procedure. Their acts are clearly out of the line, even to a person who is not learned in law.

What do these officers have in mind? They can argue that they are arresting every possible suspect in the crime, but up to what extent? Does this mean arresting even a relative who has the remote possibility of gunning down Ted’s wife? Why even a brother of Ted’s wife is arrested just because he is questioning the validity of the arrests? I just wonder how much powers they have in their hands to cause intimidation or sometimes threat or violence to the citizenry. I just wonder how much powers they have in their hands that even a clear violation of the Constitution is suppressed. Damn, do these police officers know about human rights and due process?!

The Police as an arm of the government is the protector of the State and its citizens. But what if they themselves are the ones causing harm to the citizens. Who are then the ones to protect us? Who are then the ones to maintain peace when these protectors are the ones causing disorder, fear, alarm or panic amongst us.

Alright, enough of the police. Hope everything's going to be fine and Ted could surpass this tragedy, and as Kaye (Ted's daughter) said, everyone should not treat the tragedy like a movie, let's spare this one to the grieving family. By the way before I even post this blog got the news that Ted's wife died last night. Click here for the update.

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