Monday, November 27, 2006


It's hard to be caught-in-between.. People may see you neutral.. People may see you two-faced.. I hope things would go in the right place, it may not be soon but I know it will..

Dealing with the System

It saddens me that some blockmates last semester failed in their subjects. It's a little bit hard to accept changes, most specially when you know that you'll not be seeing your buddies more often because they have a different schedule or some of them left law school either temporarily or permanently..

Anyway, 'have to deal with it.. It's part of the way the system of Law School goes..


I don't know if I am just lucky for having some lenient professors last semester why I passed my subjects, or I fairly did well. Only two weeks have passed since the start of the second term, but I feel like I have been studying for months now. I can feel Law School's toxicity more compared to last semester. I hardly can find a way to renew my social life or just a small portion of it. It's like de ja vu again for me. The monotony in my way of living when I am not yet in law school, is again haunting me, now in a different package.. I rarely do communicate with my parents, my siblings and other relatives and friends anymore. Going to school as early as 8am and going home as late as 9 or 10pm, any person would just go straight to slumber, which any law school student wouldn't even do if he's loaded with assignments. I even thought I wasn't anymore part of the family, I feel I was a boarder in the house. I rarely do read my friends forwarded text quotes anymore and even forgot to reply to a text message or return back a call, because I am consumed by my law books and cases.

Law School's toxicity, that I haven't felt last semester is slowly sinking into my senses. It's so hard to leave things that have been part of you, but still I've entered the "Law School Prison Cell", and I might as well prove my might. But I know I can do this..

That in All things God may be Glorified!

p.s. To my Friends pasensya na po talaga if di ako nakaka-reply to your text messages.. We'll see each other again sometime.. GODBLESS!

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