Thursday, December 20, 2007


THURSDAY 12.13.07- After our Admin Law Forced Xmas Party and a not-so-successful-forced xmas party-yet-unexpected one person recit in Transpo Class, Teta, Nil, Mike Mari and I went to Tagaytay. It was funny when, the three of us Nil, Mike and I, decided to think of our female names, and our names were: Nadia Bongga for me; Pining Gercia for Mike and Tina Moran for Nil! Haha!

Our first stop was in Mushroom Burger, since it is about to close in minutes we went to Starbucks but we were kicked out because we weren’t allowed to eat our foods there. Good thing there’s a grassy area near our parking slot so we just settled for it. Another good thing is that, the grassy area proved to be one cool spot for our photo-ops! Haha!

After our photo-ops, we side-tripped at Paseo, then went to Mari’s crib and had our “Girly Talk” haha! Well the talk revolved with one question in which we were allowed to ask follow-up questions. The question was: “Kamusta na Ang Puso Mo?” haha!

It was really a good feeling when you get to share what you feel and advise some things to my friends, which I think I did based on my experience and, oh yeah age, since I am a little older than them. A lot of revelations, a lot of emotions, that’s to sum up the talk we had.

FRIDAY- 12.14.07. The next morning, I woke up last and after breakfast, I slept again while they dance their way to dance revo. There wasn’t an announcement that we don’t have a class in Business Organization but still we were so lazy enough not to go to school. Mike and I went home a little early in the afternoon, we had our late lunch at shakey’s with my brothers, drove Mike to his apartment and then I went home to prepare for our pool party at my house.
It was a one cool pool party we had. I even smoke cigar again, and Nil haha! Anyway it was one fun night!

MONDAY- 12.17.07. Since we heard the news that there will be no class in our Insurance Law, I decided to stay home, but Nil and Mari went to Mike’s apartment and invited me to come over, but since I need to shop for groceries, they just followed me at Festival Mall. The funny thing was I was not prepared when they invited me to come over at Mari’s crib, because Mike’s going to fix Mari and Nil’s computers. After dinner, a long casual talk which ended up in Mari gushing into tears happened. I was really surprised about Mari’s emotional status right now, I hope she could get over Nil and move on without having to put everything she has gained into trash.

TUESDAY 12.18.07- As planned, Mike and I did not attend the San Beda Law Party. We however pushed through with our plan of having a last gimik with Cas before Mike leaves for Palawan. We decided to go to Sitcom Comedy Bar, we were lucky enough that there was an event, wherein Jose and Wally and Sugar and Ate Gay will be performing. It was really a fun night for the three of us. It was one hell of a stress reliever! And what I am glad about is that the three of us, who happens to share everything we feel from our deepest sorrows and joys, got the chance to be together! :)

WEDNESDAY 12.19.07- After our gimik the other night, and after sleeping for quite long at Mike’s apartment, we went to ATC to have a late lunch, then to Metropolis to find some computer parts. We went back to Alabang Town Center and then waited for Yves at Mcdo, then went back to Mike’s apartment without knowing that we will be caught by the MMDA traffic enforcers after counter-flowing. Hehe! Anyway, we went back to Festival Mall to buy some gifts, and then headed home. It was so tiring, not only because of countless walking we did, but the traffic was so heavy that night, just hope Mike was able to pack his clothes well. haha!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just a quote

"Sometimes you just have to try not to care, no matter how much you do. Because sometimes, you can mean nothing to someone who means everything to you. It's not pride, it's called self-respect."

I seem to agree with this quote, sent to me via text by a friend.. :(

Monday, December 10, 2007

A friendly advice..

Learn to detach..
Put some insensitivity in your dealings with the people around you..

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