Friday, September 28, 2007

Feeling bad about Midterms

I felt bad, and still is, when I've found out that a considerable number of students from the other class in our Sales passed the exams and even their midterm grade, when there's none in our class who passed the exams, though there's someone who got 75 in his midterm grade. I just felt bad for the class. Parang lumalabas tuloy 'boplaks' kami, as one of my blockmate has put it. I even opened the issue that the block is always being given professors who are far more terrorizing than with other sections, but though it's an advantage, as the training is far better..

I am somehow motivated to study HARDER, lalo na ngayon that professors seem to have agreed to terrorize and give us a hard time! Enough of too much sleep, of too much procrastination, of too much laziness.. Aral to the max na talaga, and study smart and memorize, memorize a lot and analyze harder!

Well I just hope the class would do good in the finals! God Bless to us!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Update. Update..

Well this is just an update of me after one week.

Well Monday, September 3 it was a free day for us blockmates since Atty. Delson was lazy to hold class and Judge Palamos even did not go to class, so we decided to have a few drinks at Molokai. It was a stress reliever for me somehow..

Friday was a surprise for me! After a meeting with the LSG of San Beda Law, Francis told me that I need to go to the office, and right there, me and shemyl took an oath as the San Beda law Alabang representatives. It was a surprise for me, and a little bit embarrassed during the "ceremony" as it was being documented through pictures and video. Haha! I was an instant member of the LSG without however being voted for by the law students and without actually knowing what are my responsibilities, which I presume is merely to be informed of the LSG's activities and plans and relay it to Alabang Law students. As I have said in my previous post/s before it is really hard for me to accept the fact that I always act as a leader that's why I am a little bit passive. I guess I have to try now to accept that fact and be more active and do justice with the position and the responsibilities it entails.

Saturday, 9.08.07 was a great experience. Teta, Nil, Mari and me, (hay Mike and Ivan didn't go with us! haha! it's their lost anyway! but it's ok with me, they have their preoccupations, most especially Mike which I understand more, since he is living alone in his apartment, since his family's away from him.. His time is very much precious for him just to sacrifice.. but still it was still fun if they had the chance to come with us..) Anyway, I was lucky enough to experience what the members or volunteers of the barops committee do to support and assist the barristers. I even deliver food to a barrister in his room.. After the service to the barristers, and eat our dinner, we had dessert and went to Mall of Asia to meet Hazel. We headed to Pier One after. When we went back to Diamond Hotel, Mari was not feeling well already so we decided to go home..

Well I hope when we will be the ones who will be doing the barops upon separation of Alabang with Mendiola then it would be an advantage that we experienced how the activities are being done..

That's for now!

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