Friday, April 20, 2007



That's the BIG R I am talking about. Being the beadle of our class (in law school) is quite a big task for me. I've been a leader all throughout my college years and I know the big responsibility attached to it. Being a leader requires a lot of sacrifices, up to the point when your academics become your "extra-curricular" activity. I have been active all throughout my college years and not that I am blaming the organizations I have participated in, but being a leader really affected my studies. But yet, I don't have regrets since both ways I know, I could gain something. I really had a hard time being a leader, because as a leader you also should be a good example. But the hardest part of being a leader is organizing an activity and trying to get the attention of everyone. I do get irritated sometimes when some target participants express their unwillingness to attend the activities. Their reason?, they won't get any incentive from doing so. It's somehow acceptable for college students to be unwilling when it comes to attending organized activities, but in Law School where people are expected to be mature enough and more than willing (of course without the presence of a fortuitious event), I think it's no excuse not to attend an activity because you'll not get any incentive. Yes practicality wise, we should be compensated for whatever "DEED" or "FAVOR" we give to anyone but my point is that, is it always necessary that when we do things for other people we should expect something in return? I may sound a hypocrite but I don't think it's not always the case, whatever deed or favor we are asked to, should be willingly and generously given.

When I entered Law School, and even before that I have promised to myself to concentrate more on my studies and as much as possible constrain myself with extra-curricular activities or engaging myself in any kind of activity which entails great responsibility. Well the funny things is, the very first day of the class I was just LUCKILY assigned by one of our professors to be responsible for the photocopying of his book for the entire class. He assigned me as the 'beadle' of the class. Eventually, in other classes professors would normally ask who is the president or the leader of the class whom they could rely to, usually when they would give out assignments etc. Well, the class did nominate me in the position, basically rooted on the appointment of one of my professors, as mentioned above. I conceded to the decision of the class. I accepted the position, I accepted the responsibility with a thought on my mind that the task is not that difficult unlike what I was engaged to during my college years. I must admit I did not take the task seriously. What was on my mind was that it was just an informal thing. It's like, I was just assigned to be a representative of the class for the time being. I am not used with appointments maybe that's the reason. I want everything to follow a process, and I thought it never happened.

I became the "messenger" of the class, usually when there is an announcement from the dean's office. A "semi-production assistant", when some continually ask for information on assignments they never didn't bother to take note. Well it is okay for me to do those things, and I think I'm getting used to it. And with the type of personality I have, who's always ready to help everyone, as long as I can, I could tolerate those things. (Exception: not when I am soundly asleep! hehe!)..

The block I belong to was very much rigged by a lot of controversies. But I never take sides. I still continue what I am supposed to do. Before the second semester began last year, I decided to relinquish my position to another, but the people I have cunningly given motives to of transferring the position have explicitly disregarded the offer. So I continued holding the torch. Well, as second semester continues to bring hell with everyone, I have managed to slowly overcome the difficult responsibility. The responsibility slowly sinks in with me. Of course I could not do this without the help of some blockmates who have the initiative to do their responsibilities as well for the block. The bond that I have forged with other blockmates gave me also the confidence in me to continually give out my very best in serving the block. I just hope these people continually support, not me, but the block.

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