Sunday, August 19, 2007

Maybe my Last Post... for now.. until this Semester Ends!

Well. This probably is the last time I'm going to write a blog for the time being.. Back to review for the midterms! And I wanna do good badly! It's not that I want to impress people, it's just that I want to challenge myself. I want to prove myself that I can do better than the past semesters! I am just praying that everyone most especially my friends would do good as well in the exams..

I kinda feel irritated when you get to mingle with a person who appears to care for him/herself alone.. Kumbaga, sarili nya lang iniintindi nya and ginagawa nya ang mga bagay-bagay just to satisfy him/herself. Minsan siguro we just have to think for others sake as well din, hindi lang yung sarili natin right?! Give and take kumbaga, as much as possible you try to help others kung kaya naman, wag yung sariling kapakanan lang ang iniinitindi.. No man is an islang, and karma do exists!

Naisip ko lang? Tama ba ang pananaw na ito: "Hindi ako makikimingle with others that much, coz at some point these people would leave me.. Ayoko sa kanilang maging close, I don't want to invest emotions and friendships, coz I don't want to be left behind. I hate the feeling of losing someone.."

Hay, sa totoo lang I felt that way before, and it seems like the idea haunts me again.. Please help me Lord! I want to live in peace!!! ^_^

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