Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Thrust on Trust

What would you feel when someone close to you told you that they would or wouldn't do something? If you're going to ask me I would feel betrayed. The trust he or she has earned in me diminishes.

I happen to share this thought to my a few people and asked them whether I can consider the persons involved in the category of people who don't have word of honor. They say it depends on the circumstance of the case, and yes I might agree. But when you're hurt you're somewhat blinded and honestly I do consider those persons as having no word of honor. It's like perjury in law you know?, it's a little different though because there's the element of an oath.

Anyway, thinking about those people who have made me think twice or more whether they are just fooling me really gives me a hard time giving full trust to people again. And maybe it's time that I let people tell me whatever they want to say and just have it pass like air on my ears.

For a few months now, being 'in pursuit of nirvana' I could say I had some peace, and from what transpired currently which somewhat bothered my senses, I say it's nothing and isn't gonna affect the pursuit.

Gee this is my 201st post! Cheers to that! :)

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