Thursday, May 1, 2008

An unexpected Dinner with Law School Buds

Today is my day. The day of my birth. I thought this would be an ordinary day for me, since I was sick last night, well up to now. But some good things happen in the most unexpected circumstance and places. I never planned for a celebration on the day of my birthday, not until my mom texted me that we're going to have dinner. Mari texted me earlier and asked for my plans for the day, I was a bit suspicious that she has a plan to surprise me. When I arrived at Congo Grille West Gate in Alabang, Nil texted me and asked where am I. Upon knowing that she and Mari is at Festival Mall, I invite them over at Congo Grille. Thanks to Mari for inviting along also Ivan, Kara and Dos. We had a hefty dinner, had a couple of bottles of beer (though I had a couple of bottles already, since I can't say no for the policemen invited by my mom.). We went to starbucks Madrigal right after and chat for awhile.

Thanks to these guys who despite my reluctance to throw a party with appeared and shared with me one of the best nights in my life.

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