Monday, May 19, 2008

One Laiya Experience

May 17-18, 2008. Laiya, San Juan Batangas.. This experience I've shared with my Kanlungan Family is I guess the best summer experience this 2008. The planning was a little bit hard but I was happy we were able to push through with it. Sayang naman ang uwi ni JR from UAE if there wouldn't be any major event together with his Kanlungan Family, though it actually was triple treat, it was a late celebration too of me and Cha. I felt bad when some weren't able to come, but I'd feel really bad when the whole thing won't push through, kasi naman biglang may dumating na bagyo sa Pinas, good thing it headed to the north.

The early schedule of our departure was delayed for some unexpected circumstances but nothing could stop us from continuing the event. The travel to Lipa City was a bit fast, where we are going to meet Happee and head to San Juan Market to meet JR. When we arrived at San Juan Market, Cha, Lem and I bought the ingredients and supplies we need for our food. We had snack at a nearby 'turo-turo' and then head to Laiya

Anyway, the experience was a little different than the previous outing we had. Though we assigned Madj to think of activities we never had any, aside from the fact that she wasn't able to think of any. :) But it still was a great experience, and I could say that just being together, sharing food, the long chit-chats, drinking beer and
grilling someone in the hotseat, asking for "issue-provoking-and-secret-revealing questions", videoke and doing just about anything under the sun and under one cottage is a whole lot fun.

I pride myself when I was the only one who caught the sunrise. Walking in the shore and sitting on the sand while waiting for the sun to rise gave me a peaceful and magical feeling. The silence and beauty of the shore and the water as the sunlight shines on it is truly a magnificent grandeur!

Whatelse? Hmmm.. I don't want to talk about this but, okay, there are some unexpected annoyances and little problems along the way, but it's up to us to allow it to spoil the event, which we didn't!

Well, the good thing about Laiya is that you just can't have enough and surely we are coming back in 2009 to open our 'test tubes'!!

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