Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MAY 29

May 29 is going to be a memorable day for me. It's the day when I'm going to bid goodbye to my closest friend way back in college who's going back to UAE and the day when I'm going to welcome the closest buddy I had so far in law school who's coming from his hometown Palawan. Pretty much a coincidence right? And here's another catch. Both of these people have been so close to me to the point that we are seen almost every moment. And the best part of it, I had a very serious misunderstanding with both of them, which really became the talk of the town, well for those close to us at least, because we hardly talk for such a long time. Well the good thing is we're okay now, I guess, though the one with my best buddy in law school is quite fresh, since it happened like a few months ago, but I'm trying to work things out.

Galing-galing talaga! It's like everything in this world is inter-connected! It's like there's a masterplan of your life!

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