Saturday, May 24, 2008

Giving in is Giving up..

What do you know? I failed my Insurance Law. And guess what it was my first time to have failed a subject in school my whole life. No one's to blame but me, technically, well I'd like to put blame on someone else but it all boils down on me, though there is some contributory fault I guess that I could attribute to some people. But the thing is it could have not happened if I didn't give in to my emotions. Giving in is like giving up your chance of success. In the game called law school it's inevitable to fail a subject, but you could hasten the possibility if you will try to be tough, ignore your emotions, and just focus on the game, which I didn't. I gave in, and now I must suffer the consequences. Good thing is it's just a two-unit subject and when I checked the curriculum I still could graduate on time, but have to do this double-time now.

Ignoring your emotions and not giving a chance to let it interfere with the game is akin to the pursuit of Nirvana which I am into right now. That's for sure is a plus for me, since I wont have a hard time accepting the failure and its consequences, because somehow along the way, even before I knew it I was prepared to face it.

So no more unintelligent absences anymore! Tama muna ang petiks and read my books and study!

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