Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mall Ratting

May 12, 2008. Today, I was scheduled to meet up with Jay-R who just came back from UAE. I had to go early from our home so I brought with me my Civil Procedure book and read a couple of pages at Seattle's while waiting for Jay-R. When he arrived we decided to have lunch first. I accompany him to stroll around and shop. It was a little bit tiring for me, since I just had less than two hours of sleep and I my muscles are still in pain after a very tiring hike and trek to Pagsanjan Falls last Saturday. But it was fun. I enjoyed talking and listening to him about his experiences at UAE. When Madj arrived we accompanied her to have dinner and then we had coffee at Starbucks right after. At Starbucks, I was like into a spell, I was just listening to Madj and Jay-R's conversation, well if I only have a pillow I could have slept instantly!

Meeting Jay-R was great! I can't believe nothing changed in him, physically and everything else. Well I'm looking forward to more chitchats on our outing this coming weekend!

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