Saturday, May 17, 2008

Liar.. Liar..

Everybody lies, and I don’t think if I have mastered it. Basically whenever I get myself into some circumstance that I have to lie I could say that I could do it quite flawlessly.

Everybody hurts, but as they say time heals all wounds. And maybe I could say that I am tough enough to endure the pain caused by those wounds. I appear as strong as I am though I am crippled inside. But I just can’t ignore the fact that it has left me a scar, a scar which gives me a hard time to forget

How can someone forget the pain, when everytime a thought comes in your mind, it makes you wonder it has to happen and ruin a part of you. How can someone forget the pain, when a picture of the memories of the past come lingering on your mind.

Yes, I’ve lied a couple of times that everything is alright. But I think it’s just the way it is. Sometimes you lie just to ease the pain momentarily and move on a little bit. The straightforward me, is contradicting the liar in me. I don’t know if it is despicable, but right now, it’s the only way out for me to move on and start anew.

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