Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Conscientious Fellow

Iba talaga pag ang bait bait mong tao, tulad ko! haha!! Well enough about bragging, but I just can't help but open the communication lines I temporarily cut-off with someone. Well, I don't have a calloused conscience to ignore this person's text messages, but okay I must admit, at first I was into deceiving this person(sorry for the redundant subject 'this person', I just don't want to reveal if he/she is a he or she, labo ba? haha!!).. Anyway, as I was saying, I deceived this person that I don't know who he/she('he/she is better! hehe!) was and that I've lost my contacts. I even resorted to the idea that I have exchanged cellphones with someone. Pretty lame huh!? haha!

But, I was hurt by what he/she did to me, he/she was one of those people I am referring to who have betrayed me. Well better read that for a refresher! Anyways, I'm almost always like this, I just can't stand it when I find myself in somewhat a misunderstanding with someone. I just can't help myself but work things out, which is the best thing to do right?!

And besides, school is almost here again, I want to start with my mind in peace 'coz for sure this semester's going to be one 'HELL' of a Semester!!

That's it for now!

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