Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sweet Revenge

I was invited yesterday to watch the "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen(ROTF)" in Mall of Asia. My friend who's working in an Ad Agency who made the graphics to one of the posters of the movie in SM Malls, told me that the ticket was free and so I went. When we arrived at the cinema I found out that the free passes were VIP tickets. Now, since we have VIP tickets we didn't have to fall in line. We watched the movie on a premiere I-Max cinema along with the winners of the promos for the movie and some heads and staff of the sponsors and media partners. Aside from that we also had a free pictorial with Optimus Prime and a free snack exclusively for those who have VIP tickets. Now how cool was that huh?!

Now, I'd like to go straight to my review of the movie. Sorry there might be some spoilers..

What I liked about ROTF:
1. The new cars and trucks. More decepticons. More action. More guns. Lots of explosions. And the fact that there is War excites me. I'm not in a position to know what's good or bad about the animations and special effects, but for me it's okay.
2. Transformers themselves are cool as they stretch and expand into a more complex and lethal-looking metal monsters and start a "Robot Mayhem"
3. The fact that Michael Bay went back to ancient history is cool for me. It served as an opportunity to explain the origin of the Autobots and Decepticons. I wondered if there's a connection between the fact that western civilization started in the Nile River which is in Egypt too. But whether or not there is any, the choice of the Pyramids of Egypt as one of the locations of the film is a plus.
4. The hilarious scenes of Sam's Mom. Where do you see a mom so naive and stupid to eat marijuana leaves and run around her son's college campus. And as usual John Turturro's funny antics would really make you laugh out loud.
5. The soft-porn feel that Megan Fox puts into this movie, especially that motorcycle scene! "Broom-broom!!" Isabel Lucas was hot too! I don't know what's up with Michael Bay but even the pet dogs and that tiny decepticon robot sent to spy on Sam's girlfriend could not resist their libido.

And these are the ones I didn't like about ROTF:
1. The story line. It's Incoherent. Cluttered. It seemed like a convoluted or twisted treasure hunt for me. The relentless action along with the special effects did not quite support the plot.
2. Over-all acting of Shia Lebouf, though I like that part and the line he says to Megan Fox.
* Mikaela: How do you know?
* Sam: .. Because I believe
[Oh I love Sarcasm!!- Homer]
3. Again the acting of the Robots though funny are silly.
4. The fact that there are no unexpected twists. Maybe I won't be saying this if Michael Bay would have killed Bumblee Bee instead. But it's his movie so his call. Maybe he really wanted that there'll be less story and more action.
5. The movie's predictable. Michael should have made a little intellectual feel to it so that those "intelligent" people would have not been insulted. He could have made it less silly.
6. The suspense just leveled-up with the original and the thrills are diminishing.

Now, compared to the original was it better? Probably yes, if you just want to really have fun and relax. But if you're expecting to see a whole lot different movie from the original you'll never get it. What you'll get is more robots (so much for Hasbro's marketing their toys) and more lust-inviting and titillating scenes from Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is everything that made the original appear mediocre and awesome at the same time. Sort of a 'sweet revenge'. So quits lang.

Over-all it's entertaining and fun to watch, and probably and indisputably the best film thus far this 2009 for the Transformers aficionados.

Now will I recommend that you watch it? Well, Of course especially if you have VIP tickets. Haha!!


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I am Xprosaic said...

Yup! Yup! whether the storyline sucks or not.. bottomline, watching a movie at I-max with a VIP pass for free plus some more freebies is sweet! You won't even hear me complainin' there! hahahahahhahaha

manik_reigun said...

a free movie is always always goood!haha. yeah, i guess we have the same points as i did on my review on this.

though, you've seen it for FREE on IMAX!haha

HOMER said...

@xprosaic yup yup! uu naman! sayang late ko na nalaman na VIP pala and 10 yung tickets eh 6 lang kami!! :D

@reigun haha!! sige basahin ko later yung points mo.. :)

Sweetham said...

wah, I haven't watched it yet. :( I have no money right now. And yes, hopefully makalibre ako.. :P LOL

megan fox is hot. no doubt. :P

thanks for sharing your thought.

HOMER said...

@Sweetham natitibo ka ata kay megan! haha!! Thanks Sweetham!

Joni Rei said...

wee. em planning to watch this. Sna m2loy.haha:P

HOMER said...

@Joni Rei sige lang nood ka para di ka LOSER hehe!! :D

lucas said...

hindi ko binasa kasi may mga spoilers! hindi ko pa kasi napapanood eh. at sa IMAX mo pa pinanood? kainggit! T_T

HOMER said...

@lucas konti lang naman spoiler ko you wont feel that it a spoiler nga haha!! Yup sa I-MAX libre lang naman eh haha!! :D

ShatterShards said...

Just saw this movie this weekend, and unlike the original tagline, there isn't more than meets the eye for this film. I'm not complaining about the eye candy in the film, but there isn't much story in it, just a lot of noise and explosion. It also cut down the population of the Primes from the original twelve to just seven. I love how they re-imagined Devastator, though.

Kainggit naman, IMax viewing for free!

HOMER said...

@Shattershards Yeah the story revolved on sam and mikaela's love and the haunt for what's inside sam's mind, I think I've seen this a couple of times in other films.

Well nakaswerte lang sa tickets hehe!! :)

the donG said...

it was one great movie though with some noticeable odd parts. still the action cant be disregarded. it was superb. it was like times three to the first one.

story was indeed predictable. the robots just sometimes overact sometimes so weird that they are more human.

HOMER said...

@the Dong Yup! If not for the added action the movie might turn out to be worse than what other critiques are saying. And without it I would have not enjoyed enjoyed the movie!

Anonymous said...

i liked the movie. napanood ko din sa IMAX. perstaym ko nga sa imax eh. haha! manghang mangha ako..

gusto ko makita pics mo with optimus. dapat nagpa autograph ka. LOL!

HOMER said...

@chikletz galing sa IMAX nun! kakamangha talaga ahaha!! Sige pag nakuha ko yung pics probably bukas hehe!! pero in the meantime tulog muna ko 2AM na hehe!!

Jepoy said...

Hindi ko naintindihan English kasi...Lol jowk!

Maganda sya pero mas may effect sakin ung naunang transformers as in drop jaw ang eksena... Pero this mubi is maganda naman and i like it too lalo na kung may VIP pass na katulad ng sayo :-D

r-yo said...

sorry. i only went through your post. ayokong ma-spoil ang aking panonood hehe

Calvin said...

yeah it's entertaining. that's all. no need to dwell to much on technicalities and other movie critic stuff. you just watch it to be entertained.

HOMER said...

@Jepoy hehe!! di naman malalim ang english ko ah hehe!! Iba talaga pag una, un ang problema sa sequels eh mataas talaga ang expectations

@r-yo ayus lang hehe!! watch mo na lang :D

@Calvin Yup yup! I was entertained talaga, that's the thing na binayaran mo for the ticket, (ako pala di nagbayad haha!!)

stupidient said...

di pa nakakapanood. saka na pag maikli na ang pila o hindi na standing room ang sinehan. tsaka pag may kasama na. lols

Anonymous said...

wow, you must be very lucky to have your friend, ha ha.

Like #4. Now you're talking history!

Didn't Like #1. I'm after the effects, ha ha.
#2. That I have to look at. I admire his acting last Transformers.

Would love to watch it if it is shown in 3D format instead.

DETH said...

hangswerte mo naman!
fully-booked ang mga cinemas last weekend, haaays...saka na lang me manonood.

HOMER said...

@stupidient kailangan may kasama para manood? lols Saya din naman magisa ah haha!! :D

@philippineplace thanks for the comment! Yup mas okay nga 3D! But its really costly.

@Deth hehe!! anu ba dali nood ka na para di ka LOSER haha!!

Anonymous said...

is it recommended for me to watch this film-

even though i haven't gone to watch the prequel one last time?

HOMER said...

@jasonhamster go watch it! it's actually a substantially different one. I guess more entertaining that the last.

.pOot! said...

VIP tickets? Dude, it's cool! super cool!

i'm also looking forward to watch this film in the big screen.

HOMER said...

@poot go ahead watch it!! youll never be disappointed with it, youll get entertained, just ignore my review, just enjoy it when you get the chance to watch.

abe mulong caracas said...


michael jackson committed suicide pala? naniniwala kasi siya na siya ang last descendant ni optimus prime. after learning na mali pala siya, ayun nagpakamatay!

HOMER said...

@abe mulong haha!! ayun naman pala eh!! salamat dito now I know! haha!! :D

Basyon said...

Aw! I did i did i did! Is it obvious that i really like the movie?! hahaha ganda kasi tlga nya db Homer?! And i'm planning to watch it agian with my hubby. Di nmin sya kasama the last time na pinanood nmin yan..=D

Anonymous said...

lucky you to have free VIP movie pass.


This is the REAL VIP pass. :)

Let's just say that I am not a fan. Kaya ok lang, na-enjoy ko naman both movies. Mas nagustuhan ko ang pangalawa.

HOMER said...

@basyon wow! ayus yan date kau ni hubby hehe

@docgelo lucky for me :)

@Acrylique ayus yan, mas nagenjoy din ako sa sequel kasi mas entertaining sya, saka libre haha!!

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