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Tomorrow we will celebrate the 111th anniversary of our Independence from the Spaniards. If you may have forgotten already it was on June 12, 1898 that our Philippine Independence was declared in Kawit Cavite by General Emilio Aguinaldo. It was also during that time that our Philippine Flag was raised. At that time the Filipino people are so much elated that we are now independent from the Spaniards. But thanks to the Spaniards for introducing to us Christianity. Thanks to them that in every grade level I had go through I have to memorize the prayers and the saints. Thanks for all the priests who made us feel we are third class citizens. And most of all thanks to the Spaniards, we get to have some blood running in our bodies which make most of us Filipinos mestizos.

But just as we thought we are really free, the American troops came in. We only read these from our history books and maybe from the time we have read it we didn’t bother to ask the real story behind our independence. We don’t need to be historians to unravel the mysteries and controversies of the declaration of Independence in 1898. It was a fact that without the Treaty of Paris in which the Philippines have been sold by the Spaniards to the US for 20 Million Dollars we wont have that declaration in Kawit Cavite.

And then came July 6, 1946. The Independence from the Americans was declared. Uncle Sam could have been no happier than to see the Philippines get on its own feet. That’s why they have built a military base in Subic. Of course Uncle Sam is really concerned to our nation that they wanted to assist in the management of the affairs of the government. Too bad because of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991 the troops have to leave us. But Uncle Sam’s love to us does not really falter. The Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) was signed and good heaven’s the American troops are back!

I can seem to find the words to express the gratitude we have to the Americans for the love they really have for the Philippines that they just keep on coming back our land.

On a serious note.

It’s 111 years from 1898 and 63 years from 1946, but are we in fact an independent republic?

I hate to say but my response to this question is in the negative. We cannot discount the fact that our minds are still slaves of colonialism. From the type of movies or TV shows we watch, to the music we hear, to the actors, actresses and musicians we idolize, the books we read, the clothes we wear even the way we speak and all the words we use (i.e. F--k, S--t, Motha-F--) there’s a tinge of colonialism.

Going back to the simple entertainment and recreation we Filipinos have. Try to turn on your local TV and you may even notice that there are shows which imitate some other shows in the US. Yes, there are some legitimate franchises like Big Brother but isn’t it much better that the producers of TV networks and other film outfits to use Filipino talents to create shows which are really Filipino.

I guess the Philippines would continue to be a slave of colonialism if it would continue to create an atmosphere wherein there is a room especially reserved for other countries, more particularly the US. The Philippine government and its policies would always depend on some other policies of the US. It is because with the large deficit we have in the budget we had to depend on debts willingly given by Uncle Sam and his allies to save this country’s sinking ship. And you wont need a Smart Grade 5 student to do the math. More support from the US means more privilege that we must give to them.

I’m starting to get boring so I might as well end this post. Now, ask yourselves again. Are we really an independent nation? Do you sometimes feel that you are a slave to your own country?

I guess it’s time that we really work hard and fight for our Independence. Independence which was once declared in 1898 and 1946 but has yet to be in the hands of this country.

Anyway just for the reason, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to you all!!

* See you guys later at The FORT AKO MISMO EVENT

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abe mulong caracas said...

isang maalab na pagbati ng araw ng kalayaan

(nakataas ang kanang kamay habang nakadakot ang kamao!)

KORKI said...

malaya na !!! heheh :)

HOMER said...

@mulong Lumagablab na araw ng kalayaan sayu! :P

@korki malaya na ba? haha!! ayus!


mkakalaya kana iho.

happy independence day din.

teka happy nga ba?hay buhay.

zha said...

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JM said...

i would definitely agree w/ you as long as we are slave with colonialism we are not still free... at hanggang me utang tayo sa world bank di tau free


bday ng kua ngaun, i think it's
a better way to commemorate dis day for me..

we're freed but still tied.happy nga ba un??

J.D. Lim said...

Ano ba ang gamit ng ating kalayaan? Di mo alam? Pwes, alamin sa aking blog kung ano nga ba. :)

Iyan ang aking sagot sa mga nasabi mo. :D

Margaret Cloud said...

I am sorry but I thought that America gave the Philippines their freedom to rule themselves, guess I will have to look this up. Hope you have a nice weekend.

The Pope said...

Salamat sa pakikiisa sa Araw ng Kasarinlan.

A blessed weekend.

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