Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pay it Forward

Have you watched the movie “Pay it Forward?” I’ve watched this for the first time I think in 2003 and no movie has ever surpassed it on my top movies of all time.

It’s a 2000 movie which stars Haley Joel Osment, yeah you’re right the kid from Sixth Sense. He is co-starred by Kevin Spacey. The movie centers on the assignment of young Trevor (Osment) given by his teacher played by Kevin Spacey. The assignment requires that the each student helps three people with the condition that the people they’ve helped would help three more. Trevor however touched a number of people more than he planned. The phenomenon ‘Pay it Forward’ went almost all throughout America which prompted a journalist to investigate. An interview with Trevor was conducted and it was even televised. Trevor became an instant celebrity. However, a very tragic event happened.

I think I’ve had enough of being a spoiler for those who have not watched it. Better rent a video or buy one if you haven’t watched it.

Now, I’d like to talk about the concept of ‘Pay it Forward’. The concept is so simple that if we could only try it for ourselves then this world would be a happier place. It’s as simple as ABC. You help three people and tell them that instead of paying it back, PAY IT FORWARD to three other people who in turn would also do the same. If I’d be asked, three would have been a little difficult and helping one person is more than enough. But it’s not about the numbers, it’s all about doing something great for others. A simple gesture say, giving a smile to someone could help him brighten up his or her day.

Helping others even through the smallest ways could not only be a rewarding feeling because somehow you’ve contributed to make this world a better place.

Now, have you helped someone today? Have you inspired someone to do some good deed for others? Well, I hope I did..


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Ken said...

will watch it! :D

thanks homer! :D

ShatterShards said...

I saw the film for a college project. It was supposed to be an uplifting movie, but I came out of the theatre depressed. I guess the movie didn't pull the right strings on me. hehe

For me, at least, you don't have to force an act of kindness and have it paid it forward. You just have to do what is right, and everything would follow.

That is what I found wrong with the film, that you have to force yourself to do some act of kindness -- that it doesn't come naturally. And that, in itself, is depressing.

HOMER said...

@KEN oh yeah watch it and if you have time make a review hehe!!

@shattershards hmm.. good point!!
You're right that it's still way better that we do some act of kindness without being forced to do it. We don't even have to be conscious that we are actually helping others as Ive said simple gestures would do.

Anyway, just found the idea interesting, actually ive searched it over the net and found out that it was Benjamin Franklin who started the concept. It's the part where you PAY the good deed FORWARD rather than PAYING IT BACK that I really like about the concept.. :)

<*period*>; said...

thanks for that...nakabawas sa mga bumabagabag sa akin...

hanapin ko yan

wa epek na sa akin ang patch adams,i am sam at in pursuit of happiness na paghugutan ko ng inspirasyon

lecheng buhay a-re

sweetham said...

Makikishare lang.

I had a moment na super nagrarant ako sa cousin ko coz I feel guilty. I did something 'not good' which I made myself feel na nag-iba na talaga ako.

Just to divert my emotions, she thrusted, "you know, calm down. Put everything to God and reflect what good you have done today." That is just to take away the negative thoughts on my mind. Ayun, hehehe.

Nabanggit mo na kasi eh.

Anyhow, everyday nman, I always think not to ask for something when you do good for others. It's a rule for me, I guess. And it gives me a different kind of happiness when I make people happy.

enJAYneer said...

nice one homer.. :)

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Zweihander said...

Napanood ko ang pelikulang ito anim na taon na ang nakalilipas. : )

paolo said...

this is a good movie. i liked it too.

I am Xprosaic said...

Well it's really rewarding if you help someone... just don't expect anything in return... gasgas na noh?! jijijijiji... sige na nga... its' really rewarding if you help someone kasi alam mong mas gumaan pakiramdam nung tao pagkatapos mo xang tulungan... yun nga lang nakalimutan na rin niyang magpasalamat! jijijijijiji

elYAS said...

have watched it years ago. asteeg. :D


ay uu yan. mganda nga yan pero di ko pa napapanuod. sinabi mo kasi mgnda eh,hehe

mkhang marami ngang mpupulot na aral dyan.

JM said...

salamat pare sa inpormasyon ng dahil sayo, hahanapin ko ang movie na ito

docgelo said...

although i haven't seen this movie yet, i heard and read nice reviews about it. the title per se speaks for its crystal clear message.
do good deeds and inspire, motivate others to do as well.
i honestly try my best to follow such principle in whatever i do especially in work.
this reminds me the cliche i also like - aspire to inspire before you expire, =)
nice post!

Nobe said...

pay it forward is a very sad movie. i cried in the candle scene.


abe mulong caracas said...

this is one of the best and one of the most touching film that I've ever watched. I've seen it several times and i am still holding back my tears whenever i had the chance to see it again.

kaya lang sabi ng barkada, sana daw hindi na lang namatay.

sabi ko tama lang na namatay...kasi papangit kung mananatili siyang buhay, hindi matatapos ang pelikula.

u can watch magnifico and make a comparison. both are very good movies


I think ito yung principle na ginagamit kapag pinapasa ang blogger awards. tama?

KORKI said...

hindi ko pa napapanuod to :)siguro this weekend .... morning

HOMER said...

@period no prob.. hope ur ok now

@sweetham ayus yan! hehe!!

@jay thanks Jay

@zweihander talaga?! uu nga eh matagal na yan eh naisip ko lang gawan ng post

@Paolo yup yup!! hehe!!

@xprosiac haha ayus lang gasgas basta walang drugs haha

@Yas uu nga e asteeg

@Hari ng Sablay ahaah!! panalo ka talaga idol haha!!! panooring mo din ehehe!!

@JM no prob pre

@docgelo wow di ako masyadong familiar sa cliche na yan ehehe!! ;)

@Nobe oo nga the best yung candles scene. will visit you when my dsl is ok na.

@mulong yeah ive watched din Magnifico one of the best local films! galing!

@acrylique i think i think! ayus connect sa blogging!! :)

@korki oo nga korki watch it!! nakakagaan ng feeling


the donG said...

i like this movie. it inspired a lot of people and i just wish more movies comes as the years situations becomes more pessimistic.

NenNen said...

Not yet. I am now off to google and know more about it. :-)

Jez said...

Have watched it a few years back, but I kinda have forgotten the story already. Perhaps I could look for a DVD copy..

Cyra Miles Valdez said...

It's a beautiful and touching story..

jei said...

I saw this movie years and years back. I'm a very emotional person so I expected my tears to gush out of my eyes at the end of the movie. Di ba true story ito? I forgot.

keb said...

Yap. If more people would act like the kid here, then the world would be a better place to live. Really! Nice post!

Joseng Sisiw said...

Parang gusto ko panuorin to ha. Mukhang matututo ako ng bagong mga bagay bagay sa buhay buhay... =)

Anonymous said...

isasama ko yan sa mga movies na hahanapin ko sa bangketa I mean aabangan sa HBO. sana ipalabas nila. mukhang maganda. :)

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