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Anyone here watches HBO's "Entourage"? Well if not, there's one character there named Vince played by Adrian Grenier. In one episode I saw him wearing a shirt which has a print in it which says "AD-HD". The design is sort of a spoof of the band AC-DC's album covers. I find it cool, so after seeing the show I decided to have a shirt printed with the same design. But because of my toxic schedule, it took me months before I finally get the chance to go to a t-shirt printing shop. But at least I have the shirt now and as selfish as I can be, I wont tell my friend where I had it printed! Ayoko ng may katulad! haha!!

Here's a snapshot of my new shirt!!

Why am I fascinated with AD-HD? Well for the past months I've observed some psychological changes in me. I get a little bit agitated easily. My decisions are based on impulse and sometimes it leads to indecision. I have some unexplainable mood swings which occur intermittently. I even get annoyed when I'm in a large crowd but hate it when I'm alone.. All the things on my table is cluttered. I can't seem to focus on the activity I am doing. It's not that I'm the king of multi-tasking but, when I start something, I want to do something else. Likewise, when I get to start an activity, I can't seem to stop and do whatever I can do on a particular day in just one sitting. Kung si CURACHA ang BABAENG WALANG PAHINGA, ako na siguro yung lalaking counterpart.

And though a lot of people admire all the possessions, achievements and basically the career I'm into right now I see my life as a complete mess.


Now, I researched about AD-HD on the net a few months ago, reading this I heard a bell rang on my mind.. So I'm sharing this with you guys.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD or ADHD) is a neurobehavioral developmentaldisorder. It is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children affecting about 3 to 5% of children globally with symptoms starting before seven years of age. It is characterized by a persistent pattern of impulsiveness and inattention, with or without a component of hyperactivity.

ADHD is diagnosed twice as frequently in boys as in girls, though studies suggest this discrepancy may be due to subjective bias. ADHD is generally a chronic disorder with 30 to 50% of those individuals diagnosed in childhood continuing to have symptoms into adulthood. As they mature, adolescents and adults with ADHD are likely to develop coping mechanisms to compensate for their impairment.

Though previously regarded as a childhood diagnosis, ADHD can continue throughout adulthood.

Adult ADHD

Untreated adults with ADHD often have chaotic life-styles, may appear to be disorganized and may rely on non-prescribed drugs and alcohol to get by. They often have such associated psychiatric comorbidities as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, or a learning disability. A diagnosis of ADHD may offer adults insight into their behaviors and allow patients to become more aware and seek help with coping and treatment strategies.

There is controversy amongst experts on whether ADHD persists into adulthood. Only recognized as occurring in adults in 1978, it is currently not addressed separately. Obstacles that clinicians face when assessing adults who may have ADHD include developmentally inappropriate diagnostic criteria, age-related changes, comorbidities and the possibility that high intelligence or situational factors can mask ADHD symptoms.


The most common symptoms of ADHD are:

Impulsiveness: acting before thinking of consequences, jumping from one activity to another, disorganization, tendency to interrupt other peoples' conversations.

Hyperactivity: restlessness, often characterized by an inability to sit still, fidgeting, squirminess, climbing on things, restless sleep.

Inattention: easily distracted, day-dreaming, not finishing work, difficulty listening, and motor clumsiness.


A specific cause of ADHD is not known. There are, however, a number of factors that may contribute to ADHD including genetics, diet and social and physical environments.

Genetic factors

Twin studies indicate that the disorder is highly heritable and that genetics are a factor in about 75% of ADHD cases. Hyperactivity also seems to be primarily a genetic condition; however, other causes do have an effect.

Environmental factors

Twin studies to date have also suggested that approximately 9% to 20% of the variance in hyperactive-impulsive-inattentive behavior or ADHD symptoms can be attributed to nonshared environmental (nongenetic) factors.

Environmental factors implicated include alcohol and tobacco smoke exposure during pregnancy and environmental exposure to lead in very early life.The relation of smoking to ADHD could be due to nicotine causing hypoxia (lack of oxygen) to the fetus in utero. It could also be that women with ADHD are more likely to smoke and therefore, due to the strong genetic component of ADHD, are more likely to have children with ADHD. Complications during pregnancy and birth—including premature birth—might also play a role.


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reviewed the literature on the association between food additives and hyperactivity and concluded that there is only limited evidence of an association between the intake of additives and activity and attention and then only in some children studied. They further indicated that the effects reported in the study were not consistent for the two age groups and for the two food additive mixtures used in the study.Others have suggested a trial of removing additives from the diet for children with ADHD as it is harmless and might be helpful.

Social factors

There is no compelling evidence that social factors alone can cause ADHD. However, many researchers believe that relationships with caregivers have a profound effect on attentional and self-regulatory abilities. A study of foster children found that a high number of them had symptoms closely resembling ADHD, while other researchers have found behavior typical of ADHD in children who have suffered violence and emotional abuse. Furthermore, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can result in attention problems that can look like ADHD. ADHD is also considered a contributing factor to Sensory Integration Disorders.

[Source: wikipedia]

So do you think I have ADHD??

How bout you? Do you get to experience the symptoms too?

Tara, patingin tayo ahaha!!

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Calvin said...

nice shirt! san mo nakuha? hahaha. pero ganda talaga pagkaprint ha.

HOMER said...

I looked for the design on the net and pina-print ko lang sa printing shop..



Magkaka-ADHD na ba ako dahil nilaklak ko yung pambabbad ng PCB board? Well, according sa symptoms, wala naman akong ADHD. Malamang iba yung askin. :)

Teka, bakit di ka sa akin nagpa-print ng damit? haha.

manik_reigun said...

nice shirt!!!

pwedeng me adhd ka na nga! tara, kelan ka patingin? haha

HOMER said...

@Acrylique Uy nagpiprint ka ba? Di ko naman alam eh hehe!!

HOMER said...

@manik_reigun haha!! na-fefeel mo na din ba ang symptoms? haha! teka according to your twitter may sakit ka eh paano ka gagaling nyan nakababad ka sa pc haha!!

I am Xprosaic said...

Hahahahahhaha kahit may adhd ka kung sakali ayos lang maganda naman yung shirt! jijijijijiji... wala lang... gusto ko lang may masabi kahit walang konek yun! wahahahahhahahahha

HOMER said...

@xprosaic ayus lang yan basta walang drugs! ahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

ADHD ei.. hehe Ako kasi there are times OC. Obessive-Compulsive. Allergic ako sa kalat.Pero pag sinumpong ang katamaran.. Mawawala na yung OC. Ugh.

Marami akong nakitang instructor noon na may ADHD, sila yung parang mga batang makati ang pwet.

Kung sa'yo, malamang di naman ganun ka grabe. Maikli lang siguro attentiopn span mo, lalo sa isang bagay hindi ka nagtatagal. Pero sana may natatapos ka sa inuumpisahan mo..

Ang advice sa mga batang may ganyan, er, at batang isip, eh less caffeine, and chocolates may nagsabi pati hotdogs... Basta yung mga stimulants.

Ok lang cguro yan as long as you're still sane and capable of working appropriately and effectively. ^_^

Anonymous said...

It is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children.. hm, bata ka pa pala? :p joke lang, tsaka anlabo pala nung logic. haha.

hindi daw recommended ang mag-diagnose ng sarili lalo na when it comes to psychological/neurobehavioral disorders. better consult a professional kung tipong debilitating na talaga at nakaka-apekto na sa iyo negatively ang mga "symptoms". pero in your case, sabi mo nga, very successful ka pa sa career etc.. baka mahabang bakasyon lang muna ang katapat niyan. :D

HOMER said...

@dylan wow dylan thanks sa advice!! sh*T lahat yan mahilig ako, anything with caffeine, hotdog chocolate.. may natatapos naman ako sa mga ginagawa ko, kaso ayun nga its hard for me to focus and medyo madali ako magsawa..

Thanks ulit hehe!! dont worry di ka naliligaw.. ehehe!!

HOMER said...

@moonsparks yup common nga sa children, I dont know if I had it when i was a Kid and ngayon ko lang napapansin yung symptoms, mukhang normal naman ako feeling ko nung bata.. According nga dun sa research ko eh pwede naman din sya I'm not naman sure if I really have it, naisip ko lang medyo kasi yung ibang symptoms eh na-experience ko hehe! :)

ShatterShards said...

They often have such associated psychiatric comorbidities as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, or a learning disability. ---> Alin ba rito ang associated symptom mo? Huwag naman sanang substance abuse! hehe

At one time or another, I feel some or all of the symptoms described above, add in the depression as well. But I do not like to think that I am ADHD, kasi grabe naman kung OC na, ADHD pa. haha! To calm myself, and to brighten my mood, I read novels. Fantasy/fiction mostly.

Nice shirt, by the way, and very nice, new template if I may add!

abe mulong caracas said...

medyo mataas...loosen up a little bit, tingnan mo mas magiging effective.

pero may natutunan ako sa adult ADHD ha, nagmumuni muni tuloy ako, mukang untreated yata ako hehehe!

Yodz said...

parang meron ako ng sakit na yan, slight lang... he he he

HOMER said...

@shattershards hindi naman substance abuse, medyo nagseself-medicate lang ako minsan :) Yung symptoms mostly, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder yung sakin.

Grabe nga kung OC na ADHD pa! Ako I listen to music, eto internet, TV, movies to relax..

@Abe thanks Mulong! siguro nga medyo uptight kasi talaga ako minsan. Anyway so nakakaramdam ka din ng symptoms haha!

@yodz ayus patingin na tayu haha!!

si keko said...

ako ATA iyan.
oo nga ata..
ganun pa naman ako ayokong tinatapos ang mga ginagawa ko.. naman....

si keko said...

teka emo ka na ba? bakit inalis mo na yung maong mo??

HOMER said...

@keko patingin ka na din haha!!

Hindi naman ako emo masyado, wala lang 'black and white' person talaga ako eh hehe!!

KORKI said...


ganto ako

Inattention: easily distracted, day-dreaming, not finishing work, difficulty listening, and motor clumsiness.

korking korki

btw astig ang shirt na yan ... :)

HOMER said...

@Korki naku patingin na tayu sa doctor hehe!!

jei said...

Sa tingin ko wala akong ADHD. OC pa siguro kasi may ugali akong sisiguraduhin muna ng ilang beses ang ginawa ko bago ipakita sa buong madla. Takot kasi akong ma-criticize at madali lang ako manghinaan ng loob kapag may sinasabing mali tungkol sa akin. People-pleaser kasi ako at ayoko ngang may nasasabing mali sa akin. Ang resulta, dapat perfect lahat ng gawa ko, lalo na pagdating sa napaka-importanteng bagay.

O ayan, nagpatingin na ako sa yo ha! Homer is officialy my shrink! Ayos!!!

HOMER said...

@jei ayus yan!! ok lang din namang ADHD basta walang drugs haha!! Ganun? so psychiatrist na ko ngaun? lol! ;D

Anonymous said...

Nagpunta na ko 2 years ago. Samahan kita u like? hehe!

seriously, baka malalim lang ang iniisip mo. kung ngayon ka lang nagkakaganyan hindi yan ADHD. pero sa totoo lang maganda rin ang nagpapaconsult sa pyschologist lalo na if u dont feel good about yourself. parang ganyan din kc ung situation ko when i decided to seek professional assistance. hindi kc ako nagtatagal sa work so inisip ko baka nga may mali. tulad ng ginawa mo i researched about ADHD. feeling ko lahat ng symptoms present sa kin. pero sympre i cudn't verify it unless it comes from a professional. so i did. first day pa lang, she knew wala akong ADHD but i continued the sessions so i can have a better understanding of my situation. as of today, i still communicate with my psyhologist. she's like a second mother to me...

un lang gusto ko lang ishare :)


teka nkakahawa ba yang ADHD? uso ngayon ang mga sakit na gnyan ah na mga initials lang.

may alam pkong isang sakit. TAD-0(zero),lols ayoko dapuan niyang sakit na yan,haha

DETH said...

i don't think you have one...coz if you do, you wouldn't be able to sit around a computer finishing this blog entry:P

Bryan Anthony said...

bonnga ang shirt
ako basta na ADHD
basa lang ng THE SECRET


HOMER said...

@deth hehe antagal ko nga matapos to eh hehe!! feeling ko lang naman, yung ibang symptoms lang kasi medyo naexperience ko hehe

@bryan anthony thanks.. anu ung the secret?

ENS said...

parehas tayo.. hindi sa adhd...
ako din kasi mahilig mag admire ng mga shirt na nakikita ko sa mga pinapanuod ko..
matter of fact, hinihintay ko matapos yung pinapaprint ko din...
parehas ulit tayo... ayuko din may kaparehas... as much as possible...
anu magandang brand ng plain shirts?

HOMER said...

@ens talaga! ayus apir!! naku di ko alam kasi yung pinagawaan ko na yung nagprovide ng shirt ok naman for me..

Lindz said...

Hi, My son is ADHD, he's been diagnosed by a specialist, daming testing sa kanya bago nag ka conclusive report na may ADHD... he's grown out of it na... we've been giving him fish oil.. yung original talaga kasi daming mga peke na brans... ang tawag sa fish oil eh "Eye Q" it's really good for you... yes he is so cluttered talaga at hyperactive sobra, pero may special skills siya at matalino.... some theorist thinks that Albert Einstein and Mozart was ADHD..

HOMER said...

@Lindz talaga?! sana meron na din talaga ako ADHD para matalino din ako and I'll be like Einstein and Mozart haha!! Thanks for this Lindz!

Nobe said...

gosh, i have ADHD! seriously.



HOMER said...

@nobe Welcome to the Club! hehe!! :)

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