Friday, June 19, 2009

Haberday JP!

Wohooo!! Finally my DSL connection was fixed, one week was a little bit tough for an internet addict like me.. Hay!! I missed you all guys! wahaha!!

Now back to regular programming....

Exactly 148 years ago, an idol was born. Novelist. Doctor. Propagandist. Revolutionalist. Leader. and an ultimate playboy, hehe!! the last one's a joke! :). Seriously, today, June 19 is the Birthday of our National Hero Dr. Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal, (Oha! Memorize ko pa?! Actually mahaba pa yan may kasunod na "y Realonda" something hehe.

He was born and raised in the town and now city of Calamba in Laguna. The same town where I grew up when we left Manila, when I think I was 5. But not until I started school in the elementary that I got the chance to visit the house of Rizal which is so ironic because my grandma's house where we are staying is just a few blocks away. Anyway, when I got the chance to visit the house I kept on coming back. At one point during my college days I even became a tourist guide in the house.

For a CalambeƱo like me, it's common to brag about the fact that our National Hero was a 'kababayan'. Likewise it's common for us CalambeƱos to admire and be inspired by what our national hero has done for our country. There are even some who proclaim him as God, which I find a little bit absurd. But I respect their beliefs.

Now, famous in Calamba during Rizal's birthday, which I really miss is the parade which is participated in by different sectors and groups within the City. The parade is held in the afternoon and lasts for 2-3 hours. And even if it's that long you can actually notice how the people of Calamba appreciates the event.

The parade is just a piece of Rizal's birthday celebration. Every year, the local Government of Calamba holds a show at the town plaza (the one which has the huge pot or 'banga') which is actually just a few walks from the Rizals' residential house. I remember myself taking my dinner a few hours early than we are supposed to eat just to be there in the town plaza and get a nice spot where I can see the celebrities who will be performing.

Hay!!.. I miss my hometown, it's like 2 or 3 years since my last visit. (I think I have a post on that visit, try to search for it.. ) I hope I could get back again and visit the wonderful town which has been witness for the birth of a man which has proven that 'the mind is mightier than the sword.'


(Happy birthday also to my friend Madj and to all who are celebrating their birthdays too!!)

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docgelo said...

hey homer, have you heard from the news that they painted jp's calamba home GREEN? it kind of shock me since i had my educational field trip memories of its the old rustic appeal. some people were probably bored to while away time so there it is now- Rizal's green house. what a fitting birthday present, ugh!

HOMER said...

Yup I saw it in the news..

the architect(not sure if he is) who had it painted green has a point in giving the house a new color, for a change.. Sana happy si Rizal sa present na yan.. :)


Hala! Baka gusto rin nilang pintahan ng green yung monumento nya sa Luneta. tsk

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