Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got Puff?

Sorry guys, I've been out all throughout the day. I had to go to my doctor for a check-up. For the past two weeks I've been catching my breath and sometimes I'm gasping for air. I am also having an itchy throat which causes me to cough more often.

I had a chest X-ray and my doctor said that my lungs are clear. She prescribed me a couple of medicines including one which I think is an anti-allergy.

She also prescribed Salbutamol, which is more popularly called as an inhaler. This is actually my first time to use this. Now, I have to get used to puffing! Actually, I had 3 doses awhile ago, and I'm enjoying it! haha!!

My New Toy (Hehe!!)

*By the way, I watched "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" awhile ago in Mall of Asia with some friends, will post an entry on my VIP experience and probably a review and some pics.. But for now, I need to hit the sack!

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Anonymous said...

Hi..heloO pOh, pwe bumati???

"Hi sa nanay at tatay ko diyan sa amin
at sa mga kapitbahay ko, kumusta na kayo!?
Mabuhay tayong lahat!! : )

Yun lng..Salamat ng marami.."NAPADAAN"

manik_reigun said...

nice one, puff it up bro!haha.

cool, share me your thoughts on trans2. ;p

eto yung orig blog ko:

the lurve revo is a new pet project, hehe.


I am Xprosaic said...

Ahahahhahahahah.... naku madumi na naman utak ko... jijijijiji.... pagaling ka na lang pre... jijijijiji

HOMER said...

@Jasonizers lol! ayus ah ginawang batian ang blog ko haha!!! apir!

@reigun ah hehe!!! ayus yan! balitaan mo ko dyan sa project na yan! :D

@xprosaic haha!! palinis natin yang utak mo wahaha!! :D salamat dude!

Lindz said...

could it be asthma? hoe the inhaler helps

HOMER said...

@Lindz the inhaler isn't for those who have asthma only, it's for those who have other respiratory problems too.

marxlin said...

never wanted an inhaler for a toy.panggulo lang..friend ko tawag namin sa inhaler nya, pusil(baril)..haha!

pagaling kana merayy! :)

HOMER said...

@marxlin parang cool lang for me haha!! siguro kasi first time ko gagamit haha!! Dont worry di ko na aaabusuhin ang katawan ko haha!! :D

Calvin said...

sarap talaga ng feeling after taking a puff. hahaha. i have an inhaler for my asthma so i know how addicting it is. :P

Nobe said...

what's that a bong? it looks like a bong. hahaha!


HOMER said...

@Nobe You're imagination is fooling you! that's not a Bong! I wish it is! (kiddin!) haha!! :D

Anonymous said...

Salbutamol is one of the bronchodilating agents which simply means the drug whether inhaled or ingested as tablet or syrup will certainly relieve airway obstruction as it dilates the air passages. good thing to know your lungs are clear per CXR. do you have history of asthma or other respiratory problems? better to stay healthy. mahal magkasakit... :D

Anonymous said...

btw, im sure your MD told you to take the puff of salbutamol within the prescribed dose. taking it beyond what was ordered may increase your blood pressure and can make your heart beat faster, even result to headaches especially in large doses.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yan ba ang PONG (maliit na BONG)? hehe. Asteeg ng new toy mo! :)

HOMER said...

@docgelo wow thanks for the info doc... yup I had bronchitis when I was a teen.

@acrylique astig ba?! haha!! ayus!! :D

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