Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swing, Swing

Waking up everyday, feeling so empty and caught up by emotions of yesterday just adds up to the irritation caused by the changing weather and the fact that I'm broke. I chose to be apathetic with all the problems that I have to face, but they just keep on lingering. It sickens me.

I thought I'd need to breathe, but breathing itself seems to get harder and harder everyday. The pre-conceived notion that a guy my age should have been on his way to the corporate ladder or better yet earning big bucks already makes me want to just leave the house and get on my feet.

I've been writing a lot of inspiring and motivating entries here, as if proclaiming I have all the authority to do so. I don't even know why I have written those entries in the first place, when in fact my life is as close to becoming miserable in just one push of a button.

Maybe I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Or maybe I don't really know what it is I am looking for. All my life, I've been competitive and determined to get what I want. But as of this moment, I feel like living the life I chose seemed to get more and more complicated every waking hour.

It's always my principle in life that when you start something you've got to finish it. I've never been a quitter. I don't even want to be called one, it pisses me off. But what if quitting is the only way to move on with your life. What if what you've started should have never been started at all.

The problem with quitting is it's not a walk in the park. Quitting entails a lot of guts and a huge amount of courage to swallow your pride and ego. Quitting is even harder if there are people involved, especially your family.

Most of us Filipinos are family-oriented. Our parents always support us with our studies all throughout College and some even with their post-graduate studies. Unlike the Caucasians who at a certain young age live independently from their parents. There are the pros and cons of living independently but I come to think that what if we are raised that way. I wonder if I'd still feel all the uncertainties I have right now. Maybe, just maybe, being alone I'd be able to make up my own decisions without even thinking about what my parents would have to say.

For almost 2 months now, I haven't communicated with the people in school. I really had a partial hiatus with my friendster, multiply and facebook accounts. I felt opening up a conversation with them would just make it difficult for me to get the breather I need. Don't get me wrong, I do miss them, especially that someone, but I thought I have to do this.

Mood swings have been a common problem with my personality. Maybe if ever I do get a check-up from a specialist I think I'd even be diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Sometimes I just wake up and feel I hate the world and don't want to talk. Now, how insane is that?

Haay.. Blogging is the only thing I can think of that keeps me sane.
Thanks Blogger!

Tangnaloob! tan-tanan mo nakong Mood Swings ka!!

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Scottiboy said...

i hate being uninspired. life is too short to be stationary, and numb. that's minutes you can never take back.=/

lucas said...

i could totally relate to this post, my friend. sometimes, the words we express are the ironies of our existence... we say the truths that should help us... truths that we find so hard sink into ourselves...

blogging has been a form of therapy for me too. i'll go nuts if weren't for blogger. yikes! hehehe!

linked you up... :D


the cough is still there unfortunately and made worse by my colds...ahehehe!

thanks for dropping by...

HOMER said...

@ Scottiboy- Tama ka, but easier said than done sometimes. No matter how you want to get inspired at a particular moment you just cant..

@ Lucas thanks Lucas for dropping by and commenting..

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