Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marley and Me

I rarely watch movies at the cinema. I think there are some movies which are ought to be watched through your de-be-de player at the comfort of your room. I thought movies like “Marley and Me” belongs to that category. Watched the movie last night and I never expected to get a little emotional with the ending. Yeah you heard me right I get emotional with a dog. The dog is so endearing despite it being incorrigible. Maybe it’s the first time I saw a film wherein the family was so attached with their pet that his death seemed to be very painful for them. Or maybe I just miss my Labrador dog Leone.

Alright, I guess most of you guys have watched the film already and you know who the characters and the plot of the story is, because I don’t intend to make a review here. But for those who haven’t watched the film, it’s all about a dog which two married couples bought which they named Marley. They had Marley right before they get their own child, basically to learn how to handle the responsibility of taking care of a child.

So I think you got a quick look of the story already. For a more in depth review click here.

Now, I’d like to go on with the purpose of this entry. I’d like to talk about our pet animals. I guess everyone of us have experienced having a pet. From the domesticated ones, like dogs, cats or rabbits to the undomesticated and untamed creatures like snakes, tigers, iguanas and others.

More often than not we give them pet names. Some wanted it unique and some settle for a common blacky, browny, whitey, pinky. etc. depending on their body color.

Usually we became pet owners from the time the animal is still young, sometimes just about the time they were born. From then on we feed them, play with them, and cuddle them.
A bond is created. We became emotionally attached with the animal as if he is our best friend, a son, or daughter, brother or a sister, one who is truly a part of the family. That’s why when the time comes that our pet needs to leave us it’s disheartening.

Being a good companion when you’re sad. A confidante when there’s no one there to turn to. When a girl you really dig dumped you, your pet is there to cuddle you. When you feel like strolling around, your pet is there to jog or walk with you.

Your pet isn’t there as a toy. You don’t even own it just because you paid for him. Your pet is your responsibility once you have ‘adopted’ him. In return for the good things you have been giving him, he’s there to accompany you mostly in times when you needed someone. You don’t even have to ask. He knows when you need him. And he’ll be there as always, even if you don’t even need him, because the pet values you as much as you value him.

The life of a pet animal is relatively shorter than ours. But despite the short span of their existence, I think if only they could talk, they’d be more than thankful for making their life more valuable than any living animal in this world. More than thankful that you have treated him like any other human being.

I’ll leave you with John Grogan’s words at the end of the movie, “A dog don’t care if you’re rich or poor, clever, dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he’ll give him yours.”


*To my dog Leone this post is for you, I know you are happy wherever you are now..

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Ken said...

I remember getting a bucket after I saw this film. Tearjerker. But it was a really nice film.

HOMER said...

Really! Wonder if you filled the bucket.. :)

Ken said...

To give you an idea, I had to get two buckets. :D

HOMER said...

Damn! 2 Buckets!! :P I wont ever fill one! hehe!!!

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