Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacman HIT it again with HITMAN!

The People's Champ did it again! Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the Man from General Santos City made all Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad proud again. The only man who has the ability to unite all Filipinos and bring peace on the streets did an amazing job as he knocked down Hatton on the second round of their fight dubbed as "THE BATTLE OF THE EAST AND THE WEST" in Las Vegas.

I must admit that I had some doubts that Manny won't win his fight with Hatton and I am in deep remorse for having thought about it. But hearing Hatton's coach, Mayweather Sr. comments that Manny's right hook and speed is no talent at all irritated me. His comments are all plain dirty talks and shit talks so as to discourage supporters of Manny. Who's laughing now? Who's going to be sleepless tonight or for the days to come?

Manny's talent and determination to win is undeniable. But his humility all throughout the start of the press release of the fight, his training, the weigh in until the time he knocked-out Hatton is what I am most proud that I am a Filipino. A man who experiences all the fame and riches is prone to becoming an airhead, but it isn't true with Manny. Despite all his achievements he kept grounded, that's why people from all walks of life love him.

No one would argue that Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao has surpassed every boxer in the history of the Philippines. Undoubtedly he really is the People's Champ!. He is everybody's idol. An icon. An inspiration. A hero. No matter what you call or consider him, nothing would stop the man from giving pride and glory to us Filipinos, because he is proud to be one.

Watch the second round here.

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