Thursday, May 28, 2009


It was half-past noon when I arrived at the dorm. An old woman by the name of Mrs. Lopez, or “Mrs. Lupet” as what other dormers would call her welcomed me in the receiving area. By her looks I can sense already how strict she is. We went upstairs where the rooms are located. She showed me my room and went on telling me the house rules. Doors and gates of the building closed at 11.30PM. Lights out at 12 midnight. No drugs. No smoking. No drinking. No girls. No fighting with other dorm mates. She said whatever grudge we have with other dorm mates we should settle it outside. She asked me if I understood perfectly the house rules and if I have any other questions. I just gave her a nod.

I decided to lie on my bed for awhile and take a rest. Even if the travel time took a little less than the last time I went here in Manila, I felt tired. Yes, I came from a small town in a province in the South trying my good luck here in Manila. You know when your parents found that you have good grades and your professors would recommend that you get a degree in some field, your parents would instantly yield to the advice. And so you’ll be forced to take the entrance exam at some top university in the Metro. I wondered what have happened to the education system nowadays. Seemed to me that the massive commercialism have penetrated even the top universities. Well, you won’t get hired by one of the Multinationals if you’re not a graduate of any of the top 3 Universities. Yes you can apply but you wont even get a chance to take their exam or an interview. Alright so after getting the letter from the University you’ve applied for informing that you are accepted, your parents would be more than excited to see their son get his college degree. So that’s why I’m here. Trying to give them a piece of paper after four years or so and brag about it in the neighborhood.

Minutes passed by and my eyes began to give up. But even before I could really fall into slumber, I heard a knock at my door. “Oh, c’mon, the witch is here again”, I said to myself.

I opened the door, and it was not Mrs.Lopez. A guy by the name of Kiko stood in front of me. I thought he was from the other room and want to make friends. I told to go back in awhile if he wants to chat or get along and that I need to rest.

“Oh, didn’t Mrs. Lopez told you?, Kiko said.”

“Told me what?”, I answered.

Kiko told me that he was my room mate. I felt a little dumb for a minute or two. Why didn’t I think about that I have a room mate, when there are two beds in the room.

I said sorry to him and started a conversation. I noticed that he has an acoustic guitar with him. I asked another dumb question whether he plays. He answered me back with a simple yes. I continued with the conversation, but it felt a little awkward. So I decided to stop and told him that I need to sleep.

I woke up sweating. It was around 6PM says my watch. Kiko was not in his bed. Wondered where he is, but suddenly I heard someone singing and playing the guitar. Thought the sound is coming from the balcony. Yes, there was a small balcony in each room in the dorm. I thought Mrs. Lopez could not stop guys our age from smoking, and so in order for her patron students to come back and renew their contracts with her she placed a little balcony in each room. It has become sort of a silent attraction for the student-smokers like me.

I went to the balcony and there I saw Kiko. Heard him singing a song with these lyrics:

‘Cos if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet,

And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street.

I kept on thinking about the title, and there it popped out of my head, “The Man who can’t be moved” by The Script. How would I forget that!? It’s the song playing on the bus when I was on the road traveling to Manila. I thought he’s really good. It seemed like he’s just talking to someone, just that there’s some melody to it. He didn’t notice I was there. Well, he’s facing towards the direction of the big buildings and establishments in the area. When he finished playing, I clapped my hands and said he truly rocks.

He stood up and said I maybe hallucinating or that I am on heroine. He said I’m in no position to tell whether he is good or not. He walked through the room and into his bed. I thought, I’ve created another awkward scene.

I followed him. I asked him if he had dinner already. He answered me back with his simple yes. I asked him again if he has plans for the night and invited him to grab some beer after I had dinner. But he declined. He said he needs to sleep early for his class tomorrow. And so I went alone.

The following morning, I rushed to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Damn, I never thought living away from the house would be that hard. Yes, I won’t be hearing my mom yelling at me to fix my closet, but no one’s there to yell at me to wake up for my class. No one’s there to cook for me one decent meal.

As expected I went to class late. Luckily I wasn’t even called in the recitations and the professor was cool enough to forgive me for being late. He seemed to have deviated from the usual power-tripping and terrorizing professors out there.

I went home at around 6PM. Knocked at the door, but no one’s opening it. So I had to get my keys. All the while I thought Kiko’s still out. But I heard the sound of the guitar again coming from the balcony.

For the second time I sneaked in. I heard he’s singing a song with these lyrics:

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend

Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

I thought I’ve heard the song before. Kept thinking and thinking, until I figured it’s “How to save a life” by The Fray. I’ve heard it on the nearby restaurant where I had dinner, during my first night at the dorm.

His voice is so soothing. I felt like I’m listening to a new record. I decided not to interrupt him and continued to listen. I felt that the emotions are really flowing. I felt that the song was instrumental to what he is actually feeling right now.

After finishing the song, I hurriedly went to my room. I made it sure not to give him any clue that I am sneaking in. I thought he’d go to bed right away but he didn’t. I thought he’d play again but minutes gone by, all I heard was silence. I never knew what happened next. I fell asleep.

My life away from home became routinary. But I never expected that it would be this fun. I mean I get to meet new friends in school, get to enjoy some of my classes with cool professors and sometimes make out with women. Well, of course outside the dorm. But one thing that thrills me more is when I get to listen to Kiko. The way he plays his guitar and the way he sings his heart out is so moving. There’s a certain high that I feel when I get to listen to him. A certain high which marijuana or heroine could not even give to me. It felt like I’m playing the game of “Name that tune” or “Don’t forget the Lyrics” everytime I sneaked in at him.

I don’t know what is it with Kiko. I can’t explain how I could connect with his songs when I hardly get to start a conversation with him. I am not even sure if he’d open up for me when we get to start one.

I’ve been hearing a lot of gossips in school about Kiko. I’ve heard that one time in his Laboratory class, he didn’t have any partner to work with so he did an experiment by himself. It appears that he had really established a certain distance between himself and other people. I wondered how Kiko could live in total isolation. It’s like he has considered it as his way of life. I couldn’t think of anything that might give whatever enjoyment Kiko feels when he’s alone. Well, I do get to enjoy solitude once in awhile but I don’t think I can stand it more than twenty minutes.

One night, I tried to sneak in again at him. I heard he’s playing a song that seemed to be new to my ears. I listened intently to figure out the song. I heard that the lyrics were:

I was inviting, her into my heart

But she was out riding in some other man's car
She was my night time, thought I was her star
Guess I was wrong, but see I’m strong
Won’t take me long for me to move on

I tried to think where I heard the song, and it occured to me that the song was played in the frat party I attended. It’s “Go On Girl” by Neyo. I figured that his version was far different from the original that’s why I had a hard time thinking what the song is. His was an acoustic version. Turning an RnB into an acoustic soulful version was brilliant. That night I became a fan.

From that time on I religiously sneaked in at him. He continued to impress me with his renditions. Everytime I listen to him, I am relieved with whatever stress school is giving me.

It was the exams week. As I look my class standing, I need to get an A to pass Physics and a B+ to pass Calculus. Damn, I thought how am I supposed to get them when I can’t even stay up late to study.

I tried to drink a bottle of energy drink to stay awake for my exams the following morning. As I am about to start studying, I heard the strum of Kiko’s guitar. He’s playing again. I tried to ignore it but it’s just so inviting. I sneaked in him again. I thought a few minutes couldn’t hurt my Calculus and Physics.

The song’s a little bit weird right now. I’m not sure if I heard it on the radio or watched it on MTV. There’s some reggae feel to it but sounded more like alternative to me. I heard that the lyrics were:

So don't treat me like a puppet on a string

'Cause I know I have to do my thing.
Don't talk to me as if you think I'm dumb;
I wanna know when you're gonna come - soon.

What The Fuck! How could I not know the song. I just heard it the other night when I was hanging out with a girl I met in the bar. It’s from the legendary Bob Marley! It’s “Waiting in Vain.” Without noticing that time is passing by and ignoring the fact that I have to study for my exams the following morning, I stood right there and enjoyed the song.

I took the exams in Calculus at 8 in the morning and Physics at 3 in the afternoon. Good thing there was a break in between I got to review for Physics. The day was so stressful I thought I just want to go home and hit the sack.

But who could resist Kiko’s songs? Songs which are heroine for me. I sneaked in again at the balcony and started to listen. The strums of the guitar seemed a little bit slower. There’s a tone of sadness in his voice as he sings the lyrics of the song.

There is freedom within, there is freedom without

Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
Theres a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But youll never see the end of the road
While you’re travelling with me

I didn’t have a hard time figuring out this song. From the first note, I know it is “Don’t Dream it’s Over” by Crowded House. A song which truly means a lot to me. It brings back a lot of memories. Memories which shattered me into pieces.

At that moment, my heart melted. My eyes went gloomy, and I felt that tears start to cloud my eyes. Kiko momentarily paused. I know he felt I was just right at his back. But he continued. He went on to finish the song and paused for a few seconds. He moved his head towards my direction. He then stood up and approached me. He tapped me on my shoulder and started to start to talk.

He started to open up. He started to be as bold as everyone else, not taking great care not to touch on certain things. He told me his story and I told him mine.

I learned a lot from him. Things which no one would ever think a guy his age would have been exposed to. Experiences which no one would ever imagine a guy as aloof as him would have encountered.

I didn’t notice that we are talking for hours. I can’t believe I engaged in such conversation. The melo-drama is so much a no-no for the type of guy in me. But Kiko and his songs let me burst out the emotions I’ve been keeping for quite a long time.

By the time we went out to our beds I can see the first ray of the sun beaming at us. I thanked him for his time. I thanked him for his songs. I thanked him for trusting me with his stories. He did the same. He told me how glad he is to have shared the night together as good friends.

The following morning, I was awaken by the knock of Mrs. Lopez on my door. I looked at Kiko’s bed but he wasn’t there anymore. His bed was fixed already. His closet was empty. I wondered where’d he go.

While scratching the corner of my left eye, I opened the door. Mrs. Lopez greeted me a good morning. I noticed that she was accompanied by a guy. Mrs. Lopez started to introduce me to the guy. His name was Francis.

I asked Mrs. Lopez where did Kiko go. Mrs. Lopez went on confused. She asked me who the hell I am talking about. I told her that Kiko was my roommate and that I was just with him last night. Mrs. Lopez told me that I might be dreaming or something. She even sounded suspicious that I might be taking pot in the dorm. She told me that all throughout the semester I don’t have a room mate. I was speechless. I didn’t even know what Mrs. Lopez is saying after telling me that. Her words seemed to have mixed up and do not make sense. I can hear her voice reverberate in the four corners of the room like it was coming from the ground. I almost fainted.

I sat down in my bed while Mrs. Lopez tours the guy and tells all the crappy house rules. I catch some air and drank water. I found myself laying flat on my bed. I looked at my watch and found out it’s already noon. God, I’ve fallen asleep again. Mrs. Lopez wasn’t in the room anymore. I thought I might have been asleep when she left and didn’t want to wake me.

I looked at the other bed in the room and it’s still fixed. Same as it was that morning. I stood up and went to the closet beside mine. I was about to open the closet but I heard a sound coming from the balcony. It was a strum of a guitar, I thought. I walked my way to the balcony to find out who’s making the sound. It was Francis.


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darksphere said...

woah. so meaning you were dreaming all along? hehe sorry i was just skimming through the article..

I am Xprosaic said...

Muntik na yun ah... naalala ko tuloy my days... Hayz... It's really important to cherish those moments bcoz it will never happen again... Every chapter has different stories... it's up to us how we could make our stories worth remembering.... Naks!

HOMER said...

@darksphere it's actually a fiction hehe!! cant think of another name for one of tha lead characters so I just made it the first person I hehe!!

thanks for the comment!

HOMER said...

@ xprosaic naks naman xprosaic haha!!! fiction lang yan haha!! actually all throughout my life eh di ko naranasan magdorm haha!! ;)

stupidient said...

totoo na ba yang si francis o panaginip na naman? hehe

HOMER said...

@stupe ahaha!!! ikaw depende sau, UTAK MO ANG MAINGAY haha!!

pero iba talaga ang gusto kong palabasin dyan sa kwento ko sana may makakuha haha!!! :)

HOMER said...

@stupe ahaha!!! ikaw depende sau, UTAK MO ANG MAINGAY haha!!

pero iba talaga ang gusto kong palabasin dyan sa kwento ko sana may makakuha haha!!! :)

darksphere said...

hahaha sabi ko nga.. nagulat tuloy ako ang bata mo pa pala if ikaw nga yung sa story. haha

nakakakutaw naman nga isip ang kwentong yan.. buti pa makinig nalang ako kay kiko mag gitara.. haha

hala! kiko yung una tas francis! idol mo ba si francis m? hahaha

HOMER said...

@dark uu naman kung sino mang di idol si Francis M ay nahihibang! joke haha!! Cant think of a name eh naisip ko si francis haha!! ;)

DETH said...

Couldn't remember the first two songs...but the rest, oh my...they were my favorites, kaya kahit toxic work...binasa ko ang napahabang istorya na ito at pati ako ay nahumaling kay Kiko (iniisip ko na, pwede ko ba siya mameet para marinig ko rin siyang tumugtog at kumanta...) drawing lang pala, hehehe...


HOMER said...

@deth haha!! download mo ganda ung two songs na un! haha!!

Ayus ba si kiko?! haha!! eh si francis? haha!!


DETH said...

uu nahumaling ako, magpapalakad na nga sana ako sa kanya eh...

Anonymous said...

mumu si kiko.. wahhh!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Thanks for the visit!

Done voting for you! Good luck!

HOMER said...

@ deth sige ba lakad kita haha!
@ chikletz wahaha!! natumbok mo haha!
@gorgeous mom Hi salamat sa vote! visit u back later

Imelda said...

hi i was here for a visit .. . thanks for stopping by here.


totoo ba yun?peksman?hehe kakakilabot naman. francis? kiko?
prang tugma-tugma. kakatakot naman dyan,haha

lulussutopo said...

Its nice and good Blog....
Thanks for share it....
Good Luck..!

HOMER said...

@sablay hehe!!! diko din sure kung totoo eh hehe!! sabi nga ni stupe utak mo maingay. wahaha!!

<*period*>; said...

totoong istorya ba itey?


kung ang lahat ng mumo ay katulad niyan na marunong umawit, hindi ako matatakot sa kanila

tanong lang, kung kiko didn't exist, bakit may nagsasabing minsan ay gumawa siya ng experiment mag-isa dahil walang gustong makipagtandem sa kaniya?

sweetham said...

wooh. you made this story? :D cool. I like it but it's heavy. it's melodramatic, as what you said.

francis and kiko. hehehe. Magkatugmang pangalan. Hindi talaga ako magaling maginterpret ng story noh, pero nafefeel ko naman ang emosyon na nais iparating nito. Oh well, feeling ko mahilig ka sa mga senti songs kasi nabanggit mo sila dito sa iyong istorya.

baka naman alterego mo si kiko. haha. subconscious mind mo siya. Iniisip mo na nag-eexist siya pero hindi naman pala.

or pedeng dejavu. Hahaha. Mangyayari pa lang pala ang lahat.

O siya, dahil nagustuhan ko ang kwento mo, iboboto kita. Hahaha. Keep it up!! :D

HOMER said...

@period haha! ayus ah pakilala kita kay kiko/francis minsan pili ka nalang sa kanila hehe!! re experiment ni kiko hmmm its up for you to find out hehe :)

@sweetham ang deep naman ng comment mo hehe!! anyway salamat sa time for reading and commenting.. salamat din sa pagboto..

Crisiboy said...

great tips ka jan..hahaha..nanalo ka na ba as blog of the week pre???

HOMER said...

@crisiboy haha!!! naku di pako nangunguna sa botohan eh, laging muntik lang maabutan ung leader, pagdating ng madalingaraw bigla umaabante eh, dumadagsa ang boto haha!! :)

p0kw4ng said...

galing...binasa ko talaga lahat,hihihi

naalala ko tuloy yung film na "beautiful mind" sa non existing na ka room mate,hehehe naman!

salamat po sa pagsawsaw sa bahay ko!

ck_leick said...

im supporting you dude

I am Xprosaic said...

Saglit lang akong nawala binaha na agad ng comment... jijijijijji... pero ayos ah... kahit di mo naranasan magdorm...mukhang may idea ka na kung ano ang pamumuhay doon...jijijijij... Sa susunod na storya si Kurt na naman at si Cobain! jowk! jijijiji

HOMER said...

@xprosaic haha!! uu nga eh hehe! sige sa susunod tignan natin kung maipapasok si kurt at si cobain haha!

poging (ilo)CANO said...

kinilabutan ako dun ah!

may mumu....hehehe


JP aka Elmo said...

astig! i like the story kahit fiction lng sia. may part 2 ba yan? hehe.

HOMER said...

@JP hehe salamat! hmm.. watchout nalang kung magkakaron ng part 2 hehe! ;)

Anonymous said...

wow, you're good :D

HOMER said...

@kat thanks Kat! :)

Crisiboy said...

panalo ka na bro..binoto na kita..lamang na lamang ka na..10 votes katumbas ng boto ko..hehehe joke...gudluck

Judie said...

Yikes, kinilabutan din ako dun ah. I thought all along while reading the story true yun lahat. Naingganyo akong bumasa kasi naman dami ng nag comment, hehe. Such a good story and the fictional character as well, Kiko to Francis, ayos! Keep it up. :)

HOMER said...

@judie salamat hehe!! watchout baka magkaron ng sequel.. :)

zeb said...

aba aba aba honestly nailigaw mo ako sa kwento mo pare ha, nice on. biglang napatanong sa sarili is this real??? nyahahaha.

nice one. xa nga pala ngayun lang ako natapos tumae!

HOMER said...

@zeb haha!!! piksyon lang yan hehe!! naku buti naman natapos ka din lampas 24 hours anu ba yang kinain mo haha!!

Yza said...

well.. all i can say is *BOO!* haha, well thats interesting, from kiko to francis... hehe rings a bell *ting! ting!* hahahahah. love it tho, sometimes its better than the usual realistic blogs. i like it:)

HOMER said...

@yza thanks yza.. medyo nailabas ko dito ang frustration maging fiction writer haha :)

Anonymous said...

wow! ang galing! i couldn't stop reading the moment i started with this entry. ang galing! i'm adding you up also in my blogroll and thanks for the visit too.

hmmm... teka, hindi ba magkamukha si kiko and francis since parang kiko ata is a nickname for francis? just a thought. :)

lucas said... have a really cool roommate, homer! siguro kung room mate ko yun palagi kaming magja-jammin'. hindi kaya may pagkaintrovert siya? may tendency ang mga artist na maging ganun...hehe! hope you break him out of his shell...

thanks homer! ano nang balita dun sa pacontest? kaw na ba ang blogger of the week? :D

si keko said...

Plgay q hindi mumu c kiko..
Cguro gwa gwa lng sya ng imhnsyon ng lead chrcter..
Kc lht ng kntang tnugtog nya my konek s bida.. So plagay q lng haha..
And the frst 2 songs are my fvrite.. The scrpt and the fray haha..

HOMER said...

@ifoundme haha!! pwede yang naiisip mo.. actually madami possible conclusion dun eh hehe

@Lucas hehe thanks! naku sana nga lahat ng kadormmate eh magaling magitara at kumanta.. hehe!! jamming talaga! re contest i ended 2nd. :)

@keko wow ang galing naman ng observation mo binasa mo talaga, connect nga sa bida yung mga songs.. pero honestly i made the story that way na medyo madami possible ka maisip.. salamat keko! actually random sya ko pinili sa playlist ko and ok nga yung mga songs na yan my faves din.. :)

bomzz said...

WOW!!!... Sir Homer nadala ako don ah... galing ng storya....(applause)...

.. nice nice nice......

count my vote..... thank for dropping by...

bomzz said...

WOW!!!... Sir Homer nadala ako don ah... galing ng storya....(applause)...

.. nice nice nice......

count my vote..... thank for dropping by...

tsariba said...

nice ;p

could kiko be the other you? just asking ;p

could francis be francis magalona? LOLZ

just asking ;p

naalala ko yung sabi ni Milan KUndera sa Unbearable hehe
writers, they write about their selves, they just hide it in their own artistic forms

gusto ko din magdorm
gusto ko yung dorm na madami pogi tsaka madami din naggigitara
tara inom wahehe JK

ngayon lang ulet napadalaw, i lurve your blog ;p

HOMER said...

@tsariba hmm... si kiko ay ako? haha!! diko din alam eh tanungin ko muna si kiko, pero kasi di ko naexperience magdorm eh, so strike 1 na tayu dun, haha!! si francis, naku baka nga si francis M un haha!!

Pero i agree sa sinabi mo tsariba na most writers talaga eh tungkol sa kanila as uv said in their own artistic way.

Buti naman eh bumalik ka na haha.. ay weekend nga pala haha!


@BOMZZ salamat sir! hehe!!

Anonymous said...

nice :) i like this one. -koji

HOMER said...

@KOJI thanks for reading and comment! :)

the DRAMA QUEEN said...

tell kiko(if still got chances) that im the girl who can't be moved..just love the song en xmpre your blogs,hehe

HOMER said...

@drama queen wow ayus gusto mo din pala ung song..sige ill tell him. text ko mamaya! hehe!!

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