Monday, May 4, 2009

The Love Bug

In our lives we make a lot of choices. But have you ever thought that in every choice we make, most of the time we aren't 100% sure about we are making the right choices. But one thing's for sure, we make our choices based on what we think would make us happy and something that would set us free.

We all know that as humans we have five senses, but they likewise say that we have a sixth sense. And that is intuition. In terms of love for example, when we met someone, there's a feeling inside us that the person we met awhile ago put on some flames and we felt there's a certain sparkle in our hearts. It felt great. It's as if we have known the person in our past lives.

Talking about love. Ever thought how vulnerable one can get when he or she falls in love? I wonder how this thing called Love can be so powerful that a person who is so naive becomes so serious or a composed individual becomes so excited.

Love, they say is the least random act in the whole world. It transcends blood. It transcends betrayal. We choose to give it. We choose to receive it. But how can someone know when to give or to receive? Yeah, I know hormones gets in the way with what we feels. But they say in those times that we get to experience love, our sixth sense comes in. And it's called intuition. Intuition lets someone feel that there's a connection between two people. A connection which cannot be defined in the most absolute terms. A feeling that can only be put into certainty when these two people get together as one.

Personal experience tells me that a different glow in one's eyes when he or she bumped into someone gives us an idea how love really works. It's as if there's a bolt of thunder that strikes him/her as they have an encounter. A magical moment as if you two are in a different dimension.

But in light of all of these, why do we feel that sometimes love tricks us, and the happy ending we all thought is ours is just but a dream that would never come true, or better yet an illusion, a fantasy.

Why does something that feels so right at a moment feels so queasy the next?

It's not uncommon for two lovers to fell out of love. The strong emotions felt when both decided to jump into a relationship were gone. Suddenly one wants out of it. In just a snap, the two, who are so happily in love before just decided to end everything. I can cite a number of reasons how relationships possibly could end but the list wont come to an end. Any two individuals in a relationship can end it if they want to. It takes various forms. Maybe one is too serious the other just want it to keep it loose. Or maybe it's the other way around. It does takes two to tango. But sometimes, even if they are willing to dance tango, the beat just ain't right for them.

It all boils down to the decisions we make. Part of the decisions we make is a risk of error. But unlike statistics the decisions in life cannot be quantified. There's no margin of error that you can adjust or readjust to come up with the right results. You're choice is limited to two, ACCEPT or REJECT.

As cliche as it may sound 'love conquers all.' It can build bridges, it can fix gaps between two persons. It can give you tears of joy. It can shatter you into pieces and make your life miserable. It can give you peace and security. It can create an outbreak of war. Love can do so much. Well, maybe that's just how love is. It's something so powerful that we are consumed by it. We don't even know we've been trapped.

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