Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Question is the Answer

From the time we became aware of the world around us, we tend to be inquisitive. From our toddler years we get to ask a lot of questions which some of them are answered by our parents fit to the level of mental development we have.

Lately I’ve been asking a lot of questions. Questions which by now I should have been certain what the answer is, but for some reason or another I just can’t figure out the puzzle.

Maybe I’ve been thinking too much. Maybe I’m not. Maybe there really is no answer to my queries.

There are some questions that are capable of a straightforward answer. There are questions which need some research or study to be answerable. But there are some questions which cannot be answered by google.

History itself makes us wonder why or why not a certain event did or did not happen. Some of the mysteries of life have yet to be unraveled. Certain cases and issues in the past are yet to be closed because either people are apathetic or they just easily forget. Or maybe they have come to realized that it isn't really capable of being answered.

Maybe some of the questions in our mind our really unanswerable. Or maybe it is, we are just afraid to face the truth. The truth which would open our eyes to the realities we always try to hide even if it’s right in front of us.

Ever encountered the term subconscious? Ever thought how powerful our subconscious is? Sometimes we experience an unexplainable pressure inside us. Pressures which make us do some involuntary behaviors. Behaviors which we sometimes cannot explain why we are doing it. What we just know is that we are supposed to do it.

We all carry a certain amount of weight which we don’t recognize sometimes. Be it heavy or light we can’t seem to unload the weight in our shoulders. These loads tend to act as forces which make us do the things we do. Things we hate to admit. Things which cover up the underlying issues in our lives we just don’t want to confront.

We always want to fix everything around us, even ourselves. We always look for solutions. We always look for answers. But have we ever thought that none of us really know what we’re doing.

Maybe we should stop living our lives looking for answers. Why don’t we focus on the questions? Why don’t we take time to read between the lines? Maybe just by doing that we’d come to a realization that ‘the question is the answer’

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enJAYneer said...

hey.. thanks for the visit!! :)

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enJAYneer said...

i hav alreay added u up on my blog roll... ^_^

HOMER said...

Thanks Jay! :)

Ken said...

As humans capable of this thing called thought process, the more we try to rationalize with shallow pseudo-philosophies or recycled self-empowering tepid attempts at self-consolation, the more we flagellate ourselves by mentally kicking our own shins.

HOMER said...

@ Ken Now that's deep! haha!!
That's the irony of life I guess, to rationalize things with the thought wed be getting what we want. But at the end of the day we'd find ourselves rationalizing why we didnt get it.

Thanks Ken!

lucas said...

what a great essay, my friend :) i made a post very similar to this one especially the first paragraph! haha!

but anyway, i agree with every word. a blogger friend once pondered that a single question is far more enlightening than a thousand statements....


what a coincidence. dito ako sa south city homes nakatira...hehe! tagbilaran st. hehe!

peace out!

HOMER said...

Thanks Luke for the comment! ;)

gooddell said...

good blog

si keko said...

Humans are born to be an idealist..
Tma ka..
Mdlas gngwa ntng komplkado ang stwsyon dhl my gsto tau ptnayn..
At ang pghhnp ng ksgutan ang inaakala ntng mkktlong stn..
Hndi rn mkkbti kung lalaliman m ang plwnag tngkol jan dhl ang ksgtn s mga ktnungn ng tao ay ang tao mismo
Ang gnda nga pla ng gwa mo.. Medyo rereypin q lng ung blog mo kasi bbshn q laht ng post mo hehe..

HOMER said...

@KEKO grabe keko salamat saiyo ng madami sa pagbisita at pagbabasa talaga.. kakatuwa ka at kakainspire na gumawa uli ako ng mga iba pang articles.. salamat salamat!

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