Thursday, April 17, 2008


April 16. Went to Calamba to visit my relatives and to my surprise it's my cousin's wife's birthday. Next thing I knew, I was having a hefty snack. And damn, I just can't resist the double dutch ice cream. Went home at around 6pm and arrived at around 7. Took a rest, watched tv before I had dinner.

I lay down on my bed again, called jenny for some burst out moment, which lasted for like an hour, ansaya ginawa ko landline ang mobile ko. Well, actually I could have texted her but because we had a deal that we wont text each other for a week and the one who can't resist it would treat the other. Now, I am not going to accept being a loser on this one haha!

Well, what have we talked about? Hmm.. It's a privileged communication man! Hehe!

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