Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I do get emotional sometimes....

Oh! How could I forget to make a post on this one! Well, it happened like four or five days ago. I happened to switch the channel to a reality show, and damn! I was touched and got emotional in a scene where by how a father expresses how he truly loves his son (well I think every father does). The father was over-protective to his son, as he was strict when it comes to allowing his son to pursue some endeavors which would put him in high risks of danger. Well, to tell you a short background, the father had a son before the one I've been talking about here. But he died of leukemia when he was two years old. The father didn't lose his faith in God and accepted the death, but asked the Lord to replace him. And God did!, and it was him (the son I am talking about awhile ago). The father's unwavering faith in God and genuine love for his son was truly admirable.

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