Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The week that was..

March 31. Went to meet Ivan at Seattles to submit our papers in transpo and labor. Waited for Mari and went ahead to festival, but to no avail we weren’t able to find a cebuana lhuillier branch there to send money to a prospect maid of theirs. We went to Pacita and pick up Nil who was surprised, kasi naman tinext ni Jimbo pala that there's a planned gimik, huli tuloy kami ni Mari. Anyway we went to Bujick's house to attend the wake of her mom. The death was tragic, I cant imagine the trauma it brought to her and her family.

Another group of Law School people suddenly came. Alright, honestly I am not comfortable with their group so the three of us Nil, Mari and me decided to go ahead well for the same reason and we planned the whole escape thing by texting haha!

Lesson Learned: Life is really unpredictable, you’ll never know when it’s time to GO.. SOMETIMES..

April 1. Got a call from a college batchmate the other day, giving me a one week job for bookkeeping services. What a way to begin the month I have a job! I went to their office, we didn’t sign any engagement contract but she let me quote for my services. I was reluctant at first, basically because I am not quite sure what amount am I going to charge, I was thinking that I might give them an exorbitant one. But in the end, I was made to give them my fee. I charged P500 for each voucher which amounts to P6,000, I added P2,000 for some expenses I would have to incur. So I’ll have P8,000 for a week. I was glad I have retained some accounting knowledge on bookkeeping! Anyway, it was also nice that I get to work with SGV people, I find them okay but there are some who gives me an irritating feeling haha!

By the way the company is China Oilfield Services Limited (Philippine Branch), so there are a lot of Chinese people in the house!

Lesson Learned:
I am not going to like the job of an accountant if ever I pursued the career. Thank God!

April 4. Didn’t go to work ‘coz I need to go to Manila to buy some books. Badtrip, it was so hot and damn, really hate the traffic! I was about to visit my cousin at their computer shop near UST but, damn, I anticipated that the traffic would worsen if I stay, so the visit was cancelled. Luckily, I arrived in Alabang at around 3pm I guess, had snack/lunch at Wendy’s Festival Mall and then went home.

Lesson Learned:
There are some things you won’t expect that would happen and just bumped your way, and the thing is, you can’t take a U-turn, even if the view is unpleasant.

April 6. And so we just moved in at our new apartment at Tierra Nueva, Alabang for the time being, until a new house at Portofino is finished. O diba? Ang saya! Lipat kami again, well my mom is really unpredictable as I am.The lipat bahay thing was damn exhausting. Maybe I was right in canceling the gathering though I have all the reasons to cancel it because the Kanlungan Peeps are somewhat uncooperative, what is a one peso text man! Anyway, another thing or person is bothering me, i don't know if this person is just disturbed as I am or I am part of the joke. Well, I am kinda upset about this, that's all. (Well, based from the information I got which is after scribbling this, maybe I was wrong..)

Lesson Learned:
Change is such a strong word I hate and I am continually hating it. It forces me to seek for reasons on why it happens. It forces me to accept it the way it forces me to immerse myself in it. Damn!

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