Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have never seen such a film so compelling and inspiring as the Freedom Writers. A true story about a highschool professor, Ms. Gruwell (played by Hillary Swank) who changed the lives of her students who are thought of as “unteachable,” “below average,” and “delinquents.” She changed their lives by changing their perspectives on life. The students' ideas on racial discrimination was radically changed.

She reinvented a way to help the students learn at the same time enjoy what they are doing. She had them write their thoughts on a journal which was even published in 1999.

She truly treated the students her kids, she devoted her time, money basically her full self to them, to the point that she even lost her husband.

She made them realize how valuable their lives are to just be put into waste. She helped them help themselves.

You better watch the movie! I have a copy just message me if you want..

I actually found through the internet the site of their foundation and there you can find their story and just about everything on them.

Here's their website, The FREEDOM WRITERS FOUNDATION

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