Sunday, January 6, 2008

A night to remember!

Met a friend at Festival Mall at around 7pm, I thought we would be going to any of the bars within the area, but he insisted on going at the back of the mall. We stayed there for quite a number of hours and talked on a lot of things. Things which I never expected I could share to anyone else, except for a few of my closest friends.

The good thing about this night is that I get to experience something I've never experienced before which at first seemed to me unenjoyable. At around past 10pm We walked around the whole alabang area while we continue talking, starting from Festival Mall, to Metropolis, the Alabang Public Market, to the intersection between the course through alabang zapote and the west service road, the corporate avenue, and the streets where the big buildings around Alabang are located. It was quite a fun night and I never thought it felt good to walk during the night at Alabang, where there are few people, few cars, bright lights and cool air breeze. Thanks to my friend who shared with me the experience! It was really relaxing!

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