Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Holiday Update

12.25.2007 Christmas Day. Went to Calamba in Laguna, my home province to visit my relatives there. I'm happy I got the chance to have a nice time chatting with them. I became a Santa for a day too when I gave them gifts. Well it was really a nice feeling when I get to see my goddaughter Eunice because its like a year ago I think that I saw her.

After my visit in Calamba, went to see Danilo,for a gimik in Alabang. We went to see an MMFF film, along with Lawrence his cousin and Jen.

12.30.07. Post Kanlungan Xmas Party. Met up with Olga in the morning to accompany her in going at Danilo's Crib, where the party is to be held. We were the early birds! haha! After waiting for the others, we had our hefty lunch! After our lunch, we sing our hearts out to the videoke and had a time to reminisce our college days! Everyone was surprised when JR, who is in Dubai right now, called! So we passed the phone to each other and had a short talk with him!

Melvin and Olga went home early, which was followed by Anet and Hapi. Cha, Madj, Jen and I decided to stay and we chilled at the LB Square and after dropping home Cha at their house, Madj, Jen and I decided to sleep over at Danilo's house.

I hope, we could push through with our plan of going back at Balai Beach in San Juan Batangas before Danilo leaves for Australia! Well that's it for now!

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