Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taking the Big Leap

2008 I believe could be one of those years in my existence that I would have to make a big leap!

I'm almost done (well hopefully!), with my 2 years of Law School and I am thinking of taking a time off. I feel like I need a break to release the stress that the toxic law school has caused me. Another thing, I wanted to experience working. I just don't know, it's like I want to breathe a new air. I want a new atmosphere, an atmosphere that is not as stressful as law school. An easy atmoshphere where I could just have coffee and converse just about anything with people in it.

NAKAKASAWA! that could be the right term to describe what I am feeling about Law School right now. I am still a regular student, with no failing grades, and with that one could say that, "Oh sayang naman! if you're going to take a leave of absence!", and other things for that matter, but I want to give myself a chance to grow, to really stand on my own (somehow!), and I think by working I could have that!

It has been quite a number of times that I have turned back on a job offer, I always back-off when I am almost there! I guess it's time to get away with my justifications of not taking the opportunity! Baka in the end wala na!..

I guess this really is the right time to take the big leap!.. I guess it's time to leave behind as of the moment those things that I have been used to, the unrelenting support my Mom is giving me, financially and emotionally, my law school buddies who in one way or another I have shared my life with, which just happened. Those people who I have cared for yet at the middle of being together I have been untrusting and questioning their loyalty. I guess its time to prove that I am wrong.. I guess its time to really stand on my own, renew myself so that when I go back next year, I am surely ready to continue another two years of my dream!

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