Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thanks Kid!

I’m quite surprised by a young boy who said to me this: “Pag laki ko magkikita tayo!” I am touched by the way he said it to me which seems he really values the bond we had even if it is only “virtual”.. =]

Kerwin is his name, he is an online buddy of mine in an online game I got hooked into a year ago. The first time I got the chance to have a chat with him, I thought that he is already a teenager, but I was shocked when he called me over the phone, he really is just 10 years old. Why did I think he is already a teenager? Well aside from his excellent skills in playing the game, I noticed that the words he uses when we chat are not different from teeners. He really got me!

I miss his immaturity and tantrums. I remember the times that I intentionally tease him because I know he will surely be annoyed! Well, sorry for that! =]

Kerwin’s a good son. He obeys his parents. He knows when to stop playing the game, and do his homeworks. A religious one also as he gives time to go to their church. I salute the parents of Kerwin for the way they nurtured the good values in him.

I hope he continues to be an obedient son as he grows old. Well I hope I really could meet him someday.

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