Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Labor Day post

Today is May 1, Labor Day! and I want to make a post to serve as a tribute to the laborers.

The corruption in the government is not new, and so is the Labor system, which is tainted with injustice and oppression among the laborers. Here you can see a scenario where the employers keep on earning their profits while the employees are in the losing end.

I am not an employee nor have been an employee. I must say that my job exposure has been limited to my on-job-training during college in a softdrinks company as well as the management of our business. Despite the absence of the experience as a laborer, I must say that I am quite aware of what's going on in a company, more particularly the way the people on top manage their laborers. I have constantly been an advocate of laborers. I know that the labor force of our country is the primary resource that would create a massive improvement in the country.

The proposed bill, which would increase the minimum wage of laborers by P125, which should have been a law by now, was opposed by a few congressmen who initiated a motion for reconsideration after three readings in the house. I think there's a tinge of absurdity in some politicians and some executive officers in the government who say that without the corporations or investors, there would be no jobs that would be available in the country. Therefore, the P125 increase of the minimum wage would be a burden that would cause loss to the companies. Having incurred losses, the companies have no other choice but to discontinue operations. This, according to these silly and illogical government officials would cause the unemployment rate to rise. I don't think so! A clear manifestation that these officials, who are supposed to uphold the interests of the populace are making an upfront just to give way for the desires of the current administration as well as to their own selfish interests. These government officials who as you know own a lot of businesses and as owners they would of course prioritize the effect of any bill proposed in the congress to their interests.

It is sad to know that a lot of skilled workers, doctors, engineers and others are migrating in foreign lands who could give them the opportunities they need not only to earn a living but for further expansion of their knowledge and skills. If the government of the Philippines could only provide for these then well and good, we don't have a problem, nothing to criticize about. But this isn't the scenario right now. Statistics show that a few years more, and we would have a shortage in some skilled laborers, like Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, and even linemen of Electric Companies like MERALCO!

The call-center industry has boomed two or three years ago. And a lot of fresh graduates are employed as call center agents right now. Money is easy in call centers. I don't mean to offend employees of call centers, but as I see it, the four years spent by these graduates in college are somehow put to waste because of the tempting easy money in call centers. I am worried on the effect of the call center industry emerging as one of the top industries in the country. I am worried that because people would tend to get practical, they would simply go on a call-center training and earn money, with a substantial education being left-behind. Being in whatever field is a choice, if you want to be in a call center I respect your choice. But if your choice is unconsciously or subconsciously dictated by the economic status of your family which is the effect of the economy of the Philippines in general, then, with all due respect, I just wish you good luck! and I hope landing in the job you chose is just your stepping stone towards achieving the career you really want.

I must say I am fortunate enough that I don't have to work my ass off just to finance my education, moreso a post-graduate course. But still, I know for a fact that eventually when I graduate and hopefully pass the Bar, I know I'd start out as an employee, and I don't even know where exactly I would land my first job. And in the future when I'll be included in the labor force of the country, I'd be more exposed to the labor system. And I hope by that time, a lot of developments should have been made.

As what late Ramon Magsaysay has said: "those who have less in life should have more in law", I believe the labor force is a unit in the society that our laws should give more privileges and rights. A revisit of the Labor Code and Laws should have been made by our lawmakers. Enactments of laws that would cater a lot of opportunities to laborers should be made. Laws which are truly enacted to benefit the laborers and do not directly or indirectly satisfy the selfish interests of the capitalists.

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