Friday, May 25, 2007


Picture this.

You are a lawyer. A good trial lawyer. A defense lawyer in a top Law firm. Fifteen Years back you are an inexperienced district attorney who prosecuted and convicted a murderer. Fifteen Years later, the man you have convicted fifteen years back has been paroled and now asking for your help for an alleged murder of his landlord. Bringing back some issues on his conviction to which you are involved. Will you answer for his defense?

This is a scenario depicted in one of the episodes of Justice, a series by Bruckheimer which I am hooked into right now.

Is trying to defend a person you have prosecuted and convicted years back is like pissing on your own work? Is this admitting a fault which tantamount to your incompetence as a lawyer?

Luther, the defense lawyer who has been in the situation I am talking about may just did the right thing. By reviewing the facts of the previous case and delving into a deeper analysis of some relevant facts he admittedly missed during the trial, he concluded in the end that he had convicted an innocent man.

During the trial of the recent case, I just observed how brilliant the defense lawyers were of the Firm. From the meticulous inspection of the scene of the crime, they have made an excellent theory that the eye-witness to the crime charged to their client is not telling the truth. For the simple reason that a man could not clearly see through the window of the room where the victim was killed because of radiant sunrays beaming through the window on the specific time of the day the victim was killed. It’s just abhorrent how the real culprit thought that he could escape from the scales of justice by attributing a crime to another person who has been known to be a convict. Good thing justice prevailed.

I like Luther end his closing argument, saying: “Convicting an innocent man is the worst thing that a district attorney could do”. Truly the end of justice is not served if an innocent person is put behind bars and suffers for a wrong he never committed. I just do hope lawyers will abide by their oath and do everything they can to uphold the integrity of their profession and the rule of law.

Justice actually has been out of Fox TV after its first season, I'm wondering why. A crack team of defense attorneys, including a media manipulation expert played by Victor Garber, the requisite young hot-shot attorney played by Kerr Smith and the model-esquire female attorney trying to restrain the guys played by Rebecca Mader, defend the rich, famous, and scandalous in LA. After the trial concludes we will see a flashback that shows if they really are innocent or got away with murder.

The cast includes:

Victor Garber ... Ron Trott

Kerr Smith ... Tom Nicholson

Rebecca Mader ... Alden Tuller

Eamonn Walker ... Luther Graves

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