Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Hay.. I aged a year older today, April 30. Actually I planned my birthday to be a meaningful one this year as I turn 24. As i've said in one of my post I want to make a difference. And I did. It was really an overwhelming feeling when the outreach program I've sponsored and led was a successful one. I actually intended to hold the outreach program without informing the foundation (Openheart Foundation Worldwide-Binan Laguna) that I was doing it to celebrate my birthday with the kids. But one of my friends, Jeni decided to mentioned surreptiously to one of the volunteers of the foundation that the event was really aimed at celebrating my birthday with the kids, which is also geared towards sharing something to the kids through the lectures that we have conducted, the games and other activities.

Jen, as emcee started the program (after the opening remarks by Ate Emma from the foundation) by getting to know the kids. Jen let the kids describe themselves by thinking of a thing that they could associate themselves with. There were kids who are shy at first and cannot think of a thing, but still it was good to hear the kids describing themselves, although some had a very funny associations, or disassociation? hehe! Anyway, after that we had a game the so-called "Bahay, Tao, Bagyo" where the kids had to form into groups of three and then have to transfer from one group to the other when a specific code was mentioned among "Bahay", "Tao" and "Bagyo". Lemuel did his assigned task well by facilitating the game. After that we had a breather! Jen instructed the kids to "inhale" and "EEEEXHAALLE".. Afterwhich, we headed towards the lecture area for our main activity.

Madj, the one I assigned for the program had a meeting a week before the event to brainstorm and settle the theme and other important things for the event. We have decided that since it is still April, and during the month of April we celebrate the Earth Month, it was settled that the theme would be Environment Protection. I've researched the internet of necessary information for the theme. I worked on my visuals as well that would clearly depict the theme. Along with the lecture I have presented a story of a boy "Cocoy" who, is affected by the pollution in their community. He couldn't play. He is not allowed by his parents to go outside because he could get some disease caused by the pollution in the area. We had an activity were I have grouped the kids into four and then I instructed them to draw what they think is necessary to help Cocoy. I was impressed by some kids who could really draw well and those who have potentials of becoming great leaders. After the time I allotted for the kids, I let them choose one representative to explain in front what they have done. And I can say that they have grasp pretty well and are aware of the things that they should do in order to help the environment. I summed up the whole topic of discussion and then had snack. After the snack we distributed our gifts to the kids and since there are excess gifts we decided to conduct a talent portion, where the winner gets the prize! I saw that some kids also had the potentials and it was fun seeing them sing and dance.

The outreach program was indeed a success. I just can't put into words anymore the feeling that I had when the event was held. Moreso, when the kids started to sing the 'Happy Birthday Song' to me!, I can't explain what I felt that time, it was ecstatic! Seeing smiles on the kids is truly a priceless gift that I had and I could say the most important gift I had during the last 24 years of my existence.

It was also a wonderful feeling when, I think two or three kids approached me towards the end of the program and express their gratitude and greeted me again 'happy birthday'.

The second purpose of the event which I also talked about in my recent post, was a get-together with my closest college friends, my so-called Kanlungan Family. Unfortunately more than half werent able to come. But its okay with me, I did not expect, aside from the fact that it usually happens when we set a gathering only few are able to come; I've learned to accept things as they are and as I always do I tend to justify things, I just keep in mind that if I were in their shoes or the situation they are in at the very moment that I 'need' their company, then I would most possibly understand. So, it wasn't really a problem with some of us who were present during the outreach program since the kids are attentive and cooperative. The volunteers of the foundation were also there and very much participative and helpful.

I'm happy and proud that I've accomplished something like this. And this for sure is not the last time. .Helping people is not a choice, it's a responsibility, as for me.. And I'm glad I have stood to that responsibility..

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