Monday, May 14, 2007

I stood up and Made a Difference

Voting has just ended and I’m glad I have casted my vote in favor of candidates who I know would do well in the senate based on their track record.

I signed up to be a volunteer to perform administrative duties in election activities in Cavite. But I don’t know why our school prefect did not contact me anymore regarding that. Sayang.. As much as I want to help in the elections I just thought it was late for me to volunteer for another group since all along I’ve hoped that the Cavite proposal would prosper.

Now dwelling on my Voting Experience 2007, I would say that I had a great time. Guess what, I went aroung almost all over the elementary school since I was a little lazy to verify my precinct number in the local COMELEC office days before the election. I just had with me then a vivid memory of the specific location of my precinct during the last 2004 Presidential Election, which was on the second floor of a building in the said school. Well luckily I have found my precinct after going over the some lists of the voters in precincts 30-40 (I actually have a vivid memory as well of my precinct number which instinctively I know between the ranges mentioned). Well my precinct number was 29-A and it was in the same area as precinct-30. Regarding its location, it was changed from being on the left side during the 2004 Elections to the right side of the building. There I also saw Ninoy for the second time, a fellow Bedan Law student who’s in his third year.

Now after a few minutes of falling in line, I discovered that I was in the wrong line. I placed myself in the line of those registered under precinct-30! Waah! Luckily, there were only two people waiting in line in precinct-29A so at last I could vote now.

I had my list with me, my fountain pen and proceeded to write down my bets. While finishing off my vote, I stayed for awhile and think whether to add another candidate, which I did.(swerte niya nakapagdecide ako! Hehe!)

Hint on who I've voted for:

* 9 senators (4 Team Unity. 4 Genuine Opposition. 1 Independent)
* Local Candidates.- I voted for members of only one slate (but 6 councilors only)

Well that’s about it! It was an overwhelming feeling that I’ve made a difference and stood up for my right! Godbless the Philippines!

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