Monday, May 21, 2007

I Shall Return!

I'm glad that the effort I exerted in finding the first limited copies of Bob Ong's new book, Macarthur was somehow paid off. Since the first time I got to read Bob Ong's Abnkkbsnplko I was enticed by the way he writes. Basically because I can relate to his works, as it dwells on the common people, including me!

I like the way Bob Ong crafted his first attempt at fiction. The words used may be "pang-kanto", with a lot of "PIs" and others but it would not be as truthful as it was presented if not for those.

The story dealt with four friends, Jim, Cyrus, Voltron and Noel. The way of life of the friends was the main issue of the story. The way they struggled to survive the miseries of life, from being poor because of lack of money to support their needs as well as the struggle for identity and well-being.

The plot of the story was simple. The usual scenario of juvenile delinquency as portrayed by Noel, through his addiction. And a second chance to life as he comes back to his family.

The story was not new, yet it enlightens us, it's another objective response of Bob Ong to his responsibility towards the society which is to awaken every Filipino of how poverty weakens not only our faith to the government but to ourselves as well to the point that we lose our respect for our own identity.

Here's a certain part in the book that I liked: "Pero sa pagkakataong 'yon habang naglalakad sya sa kalsada, nakilala nya ang totoong Noel na inilibing ng lipunan sa ilalim ng imaheng ibinibintang nito sa kanya.."

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madj said...

Waaaahhh!!! peram aku!! pabasa!!
nice review ah! nakaka excite tuloy basahin! ;>

madj said...

waaaahhhh!!! peram aku! pabasa!!!
nice review ah,, ka-excite tuloy basahin! ;>

HoMeR said...

thanks! sure pahiram ko sau when we meet!

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