Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thirsty Thursdays at FRIDAY's

I've always been fascinated with "Flair bartending", you know that skill wherein bartenders manipulate bar tools such as cocktail shakers and liquor bottles to entertain guests or customers. So last Thursday I went out with some friends at T.G.I.F. (Friday's) to grab some drink and enjoy the night with some cool bartenders.

This is JP and JM, the bartenders

In this pic you can see an American talking to JM. The American challenged JM to do a flair versus JP. Our group were the judges of the mix JP and JM did. And the verdict!, JP's mix won!

JM doing the Flair!!

Now, if you thought bartenders only know bottle manipulation, think twice! In this act, JM challenged us to a mind game. And since I like challenges especially mind games I relentlessly tried this trick, but in the end I gave up! The beer didn't help! hehe!

You can try this trick by following this steps:
1. Form adjacent or interconnected squares like the one shown above. Use sticks or anything appropriate to form the squares.
2. Now, challenge yourself or anyone to make the 7 adjacent squares into 5 adjacent squares in SIX MOVES. By SIX MOVES, I mean, you only have to move 6 sticks and move it to your desired position.
3. Now the 5 squares must still be interconnected or adjacent and it should still be of the same size.

Now this image is AMAZING! This ain't a trick but Science, probably Physics or Chemistry has some explanation to it. The brandy and water, both in different shotglasses, will be transferred from the other's container. ( shotglass where the water is contained will now have the brandy and vice versa)

There are more tricks but I forgot how it works, it's either I'm busy chatting or medyo umepekto na ang beer, hehe! So yan na lang muna! hehe!!

*By the Way Happy 4th of July Guys! hehe!! :D

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Woah, Nakakauhaw na 4th of July!! haha

The six-moves square trick, i learned that during my elementary days. :)

HOMER said...

@Acrylique ah talaga?! wahaha! elementary pa pala tinuturo yan! haha!! maasyado ata akong nahuli! hehe!!! :D

nuts said...

Fascinated too with flair bartending. Bravo!!!

HOMER said...

@nuts really! ive been watching videos of it for quite a long time now, but havent tried it myself pa!! I hope someday I'll have a chance to try it. :D

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

I had fun reading the post. :) Hmmmmmm. I'll try to do the water-brandy trick someday. Haha!

ShatterShards said...

Same here with the sticks. There is also a puzzle involving triangles also.

About the glasses with brandy and water: the brandy, which is on the top, has a heavier density compared to water, so when the card separating the two shot glasses are is removed, the heavier brandy will try to push the water up.

I'm such a geek!

It's a good thing you enjoyed your bartour at Friday's. Malate, is it?

HOMER said...

@Noelle Thanks! well tell me if youve figured out how to do the trick hehe!

@shattershards Re: brandy and water, I thought so hehe!! Hmm.. That's in Friday's Alabang Town Center. :D

marxlin said...

haha! back in college, i stuffed myself with 20 white pick up sticks everyday for 2 long weeks just because of that challenge and i never never get to solve it. to my frustration, i replaced it with the black ones - symbolizing defeat. kaya ayun, i gave up. haha!

HOMER said...

@marxlin haha!! ayus!! gigive up ka din naman pala pinatagal mo pa haha!! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm no alcoholic but my family and I love TGIF (in Trinoma and Glorietta). In fact my kid gets his free meal whenever we dine at Friday's Trinoma for he's a member of that branch's kiddie league.
It was an hour past midnight and your post made me crave for TGIF. :D

marxlin said...

i was really routing to solve it pero time na siguro to raise the white flag. kaya ayun, i raised it. nag effort pa din ako. haha! :p

HOMER said...

@docgelo I love the food at Friday's, I go there for lunch sometimes too! :D

@marxlin ahh yun naman pala hehe!! at least nageffort ka naman ahha!!

Anonymous said...

alala ko din ung squares nung bata pa ko. gamit pa namin toothpick pero di ko na din maalala kung pano. tagal na nun. hehe..

ShatterShards said...

Right! The newly-renovated ATC branch. I haven't seen that store for a very long time. For lunch, try their "15 or Free Promo" if the food isn't delivered within 15mins, the food is free.

Moon Goddess Lae said...

lol.Sobrang nakakakaba ang manood ng ganyan. Tapos when they finished it perfectly, wow... crush ko na kagad ung Well I don't really go to bars. May kilala lang ako na bartender and also may napapanood na ko ng mga ganun sa tv.


HOMER said...

@chikletz hehe!! turo ko sau kung paano haha!!

@shattershards ah yeah I know that 15 or free promo.. But I rarely go there for lunch na, I dont think the price of the meals fit my allowance hehe!!

@Moon Goddess talaga crush mo na? pakilala kita haha!! :D

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